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boost and incentives

  1. W

    Ubereats Boosts?

    Hi there. I live in Williamsburg and only deliver ubereats. I signed up in Richmond because it was busy and had good boosts but hate having to drive there all the time. Now that ubereats is in Williamsburg could someone tell me if there are normally boosts available in the Hampton Roads area...
  2. Danuber86


    Hello! New uber driver here. I signed up for uberx/pool 2 weeks ago (after already doing eats for a month). In these 2 weeks doing exclusively uberx/pool i always received a boost. Today is a Monday and I noticed I no longer receive the boost, effectively being paid 20-40% less on rides. In...
  3. RideshareSpectrum

    Too Many Drivers? Here’s a Reminder

    Posted this in a thread but it applies to most of the complaints Drivers voice from day to day in the forums. Someone suggested it needed a thread of its own: REMINDER: The entire business model of transportation disruption is built upon exploitation... exploitation of unenforced/able...
  4. U

    Do all drivers get the same boosts?

    Lately I've been wondering....does uber give some drivers more/better boost than others? Or do all drivers get the same boost amounts? On another thread someone claimed to get 2.0 boost for Eats....the highest I have ever seen on my app is 1.4 Another poster mentioned that they get late night...
  5. warrior lady

    Love It When Uber Loses Money: Read It and Weep!

    $-27 Uber Due to High Boost Zone.. Suck it!
  6. warrior lady

    Why No Big Boost Zones or Lyft Incentives for Halloween Night?

    I realize that this past weekend was the “Main Event”, but I thought there would still be decent incentives for Halloween night? I think college kids will still go out and some of DC Millenials.. maybe just not out as late as Saturday night. - Any Ideas or Incentives ( Lyft doesn’t seem to give...