1. Jack Malarkey

    Uber consecutive trips promotion

    Email received on Saturday 16 November 2019 at 1.01 pm: It's Super Season! During November and December, we typically see more trips requested than any other time of year. Don't miss out! Uber It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 Jack BeNimble, you’re now eligible to make extra money with the Consecutive...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    ATO makes public statement about income tax and GST treatment of Uber’s ‘driver appreciation awards’

    The Australian Taxation Office has made the following public statement about the income tax and GST treatment of Uber’s ‘driver appreciation awards’: Uber 'driver appreciation reward' payments In April 2019, ride-sourcing platform, Uber, paid some of its drivers a 'driver appreciation reward'...
  3. Jack Malarkey

    Private ruling request from ATO re GST treatment of Uber appreciation awards (bonuses)

    I have just made an application to the Australian Taxation Office for a private ruling on whether or not Uber’s appreciation awards (bonuses) are subject to GST. I will report back here when I receive a reply.
  4. S

    Did anyone get Valentines day bonus on Lyft?

    So I have only gotten one personal bonus(during art basel) offered to me since lyft stopped offering power driver bonus. (and 2 streak offers) and no other bonuses. Yesterday I was on the phone with a nice/actually seemed knowledgeable customer service representative and he said O there have...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    Is the promotions drought in Canberra breaking?

    Check the forums for other Australian cities and you’ll see see threads about promotional bonuses for completing a specified number of trips. Canberra has missed out until now. But this afternoon I received the following text from Ola: EARN EXTRA WITH OLA THIS WEEKEND! Simply complete: 4...
  6. D

    San Francisco - What are your weekly goals/"pdb" bonuses?

    Hi all, I'm returning to the grind of driving: What are your current weekly "goals/bonuses" right now? I'm interested in driving only for Lyft this time around. Thanks
  7. GotstaGetALLDat

    Lyft is screwing up my bonuses routinely now.

    The last two times I did the streak bonuses they took my $15 away. I needed to email them. I got a fairly prompt response. Now the bastards have removed a weekly $100 bonus for which I worked my ass off. I SAW IT last night as I signed off-- I didn't want to add to their 50 cent raping, so I...
  8. Mista T

    Big money this week

    With bonuses like this, I can retire!
  9. JMlyftuber

    Saw this in email:

    About to go out and hit my power zone and saw these new programs in my email: *oops just realized Lyft could personally identify me with the links.* Basically one is a $260 guarantee if you meet their challenge, meaning they will make up the difference if your meeting their goals doesn't result...
  10. Phasmatrope

    Uber "Net payout" on form doesn't include bonuses/tips?

    Just wanted to double-check with anyone here who may know, so Uber doesn't provide an official 1099 for taxes (and their 2-page "Tax Summary" is a bit harder to read than Lyft's or their website, which clearly tells you what you earned in tips). On Pg. 2, Table 2, the "Additional Payments...
  11. H

    Impossible to make the bonus

    So it's Thursday 2 in the afternoon and I am 20 rides away from my bonus as soon as I got to about 25 Rides Away the time between calls has increased I'm getting one call every hour and a half, is anybody else having a similar experience when being close to reaching bonuses? And this actually...
  12. Maven

    One Month Anniversary, Top Rochester Pickup & Drop-Off Points Ridesharing marks one month Saturday Friday, July 28th 2017 by Carlet Cleare (Video in article) Rochester, N.Y. – Saturday marks one month since ridesharing companies Uber and Lyft started operating in Rochester. Each company...
  13. Certain Judgment

    The Algorithm No Longer Fears Me

    Well, now that I have failed to hit the lowest tier of the PDB now for several weeks and I am not really trying, it would seem Lyft is now feeding me more rides in general. I am rarely online during weekday morning peak hours anymore, and I dual app and cherry pick all through bar hours on...
  14. Antonio Knight

    Lyft - Sent me a txt for a $200 Bonus for 30 Rides

    Question, The text said that they will give me a $200 bonus if i complete 30 rides between now and Monday at 4:00 AM. Question is, can i hit 30 rides in a weekend? I wasn't planning on driving this week but this caught my attention. Every time i go online with Lyft i go 20 minutes without a...
  15. DrivenToDistraction

    Uber's Newest Way To Screw Us Over: Incentive Bonuses

    Hi all. Just when I think Uber can't find another way to violate me I discover they've come up with another one. The newest for me is grossly unequal incentive promotions. I drive in the Chicago area, and for some time now Uber has been offering two incentive promotions a week. The first...
  16. M

    Lyft Bonus vs Uber PDB??? Who is better??

    Guys and girls, Since UBER has been cutting us down and reducing our pay and bonuses I went back and took a look at the LYFT bonus. I haven't looked in 6 months. I was in shock to see they have a bonus program that pays up to $750 a week. Sure you have to do 150 rides but they have tiers all...
  17. Mr. Affinito

    NJ Uber Driver - Got New TLC License - Am I Eligible for NYC Bonuses?

    I have signed up for Uber and Lyft two years ago in NJ. I haven't driven in about a year because I got sick of driving all the way to NJ to drive! Anyway, I got a TLC license now. Can I sign up for the bonuses in NYC for Lyft or Uber?
  18. SanDiegoUX

    Uber Incentives/Bonuses In San Diego Market Like San Francisco/San Jose Area Has?

    I just had a rider that drives for Uber in San Jose that mentioned some seriously nice incentives he has in his SF/SJ market. I am interested to find out what driving incentives/bonuses is Uber offering in the San Diego market? How many completed rides for the week and bonus pay levels. If...
  19. SanDiegoUX

    Uber Driving Rewards In SF/San Jose Area?

    I am moving to San Jose next month and am interested to find out what driving incentives/bonuses is Uber offering in the SF/SJ market? How many completed rides for the week and bonus pay levels. If anyone has a link they can post with this information, this would be appreciated.
  20. New2This

    Lyft playing with new driver referral bonuses

    I keep hearing radio ads from Lyft looking for new drivers; both for D.C. & Baltimore. They're paying $500 if the driver does 40 rides in 30 days. My app says $200 to me & $200 to driver if the new driver does 50 rides in 30 days. So Lyft is paying less to the referring driver for more work by...