bonus incentive pay

  1. D

    Lyft Won’t Honor Streak Bonus

    I’m furious. This morning I was pursuing a $25 bonus streak on Lyft. Made it to the 3rd passenger who comes to my car with 3 very small children. I asked how old they were and she said “4”. Then I asked if she had car seats. Of course she didn’t. I canceled the ride after explaining to her that...
  2. Gustavo Fring

    Lyft $325 Bonus

    First post, long time lurker. Has anyone received the $325 Lyft incentive? I got it today, but Lyft has been very dead for days now, even Saturday night in South Beach, Brickell, various parts of Broward, etc. Has something happened recently that I'm not aware of? Looks like I won't be able to...
  3. Ausois

    Taxify - What bonus sweetener(s) will Taxify come up with for the week starting Monday, 15 January

    Bonuses for this week Monday, 15 to Sunday, 21 January 2018 below: <<Edit - Monday, 15 January 2018 at 10:40: They have continued the 15 trips for $100 to Thursday and it is 18 trips for $100 Friday to Sunday. See your in app messages and SMS messages where it came in at 10:00 AEDST (I have...
  4. RydeGuy

    Best bonuses in Canadian Rideshare - InstaRyde Launches Friday

    Hi everyone, InstaRyde launches on Friday, December 1 You spoke and we listened. We have created a brand-new bonus structure that guarantees you per-ride bonuses—the highest in Canada. (scroll down for a detailed break-down) FIRST, those of you who want to drive for InstaRyde but who have...
  5. scamp

    Lyft NEW Streak (CTB) Bonus

    I didn't see this posted anywhere... just got this email from Lyft about new streak bonus: New! Earn Streak Bonuses Get rewarded just for sticking with Lyft and accepting back-to-back rides. It’s simple: Pick up or accept the first ride during the streak bonus hour. Then, stay online and accept...
  6. U

    My sign up bonus

    I was told I would receive my $250 bonus once I completed 50 rides. After my 50th ride my friend received her $150 for referring me, I didn't. I emailed them, they told me it's not offered in my city. I sent over the screenshot that showed I will receive $250 guaranteed. They then switched it up...
  7. Fenwitch

    Lyft Lightning Deals- Are they possible?

    So Lyft keeps sending me notices that if I drive between this and this time in this area there is a $40 bonus for every ten rides. The problem is in my area- Los Angeles- I have found it almost impossible to get 10 rides in a set period. As an example I drive yesterday to Westwood for the...
  8. Manotas

    email from Uber inquiring "if you drive for others"

    Did anyone else get this email? ... Also on a related note, I tried opening my driving summaries from Lyft via app and website and it's not available. huh? BTW the link to the email sends you to this site:
  9. Toonces-the-cat

    Bonus Incentives

    Drive 250 trips, make $35 extra These trips can be completed anytime between Fri 4:00 AM through Mon 4:00 AM and anywhere in Los Angeles. Track your progress in the app.
  10. Midimacman

    How many trips this week?

    Me........78 trips. Just over the 75 mark needed to grab that 20 percent bonus! Most trips were on the Uber x platform, but there were a handful of uber select rides mixed in. What about you?
  11. Vonners537

    Starting bonus?

    Hi all, I completed my sign up with Uber this week. I signed up directly through the website. When I contacted Uber support to ask about a sign up bonus, they said they don't do them. I did 6 trips today and saw at least 2 advertisements for bonus money to start. I'm so confused! Can someone...
  12. dailypay

    Hi, launching something new for Drivers...appreciate feedback!

    Hi guys, DailyPay here. We’re launching a new program and wanted to get some feedback from you guys…. As folks on this forum know, DailyPay currently offers payments for Drivers who work on Uber and/or DoorDash. Last week, DailyPay launched DailyPay for Restaurants nationwide. This means...
  13. briandriver

    Status Gold to Silver changed with no explanation New Status Rules?

    Okay, so things were good for a month or so, now it appears that the trickery and changes with no explanations are starting back again. I'm Gold status and I remained Gold this week. However 2 friends had their statuses lowered , Platinum to Gold and another Gold downgraded to Silver. They had...
  14. HeatherKai

    I'm not special

    What's with the $25 for 25 etc? My friend gets the emails but I do not. I'm not special?? Uber sends me the Top 10% texts bs, but no bonuses for me? Of course they are not responding to me.
  15. D

    Switching cities

    so, i'm currently a driver here in LA. but going to school in the OC and live closer to the OC. i'm thinking about switching cities. is it worth the change? i feel like LA is way too concentrated with new drivers and i'm not making anything. wondering if they have any incentives to driving in...
  16. briandriver

    New anti Bonus trend possible

    I'm not doing the bonus thing, but I have 3 friends who have been doing it successfully since it started. They say all was going well and working fine for them until this week. All 3 of them started getting really long rides out of the core area every day - such as to Camarillo, Lancaster...
  17. Lyft_94110

    Two dollar bonus for every ride

    I went on vacation outside my home city and am not in a position to drive for Lyft this week. A few days after not being active, I received this offer from Lyft: Not sure if this is because I was inactive for a while and they wanted to incent me to start driving again, at once. But this is...
  18. Jprime

    $150 Los Angeles bonus

    I live about 100 miles from Los Angeles so I didn't think the $500 bonus for 75 trips in a confined area of the core of LA uber was offering was realistic for me. So I didn't venture out that way unless a fare took me there. But when I got an email about the 35 trips for a $150 bonus I was all...
  19. Freshuberboyla

    Uber has promised me $500 for referring a friend for weeks but never comes

    I have emailed over and over about not receiving the $500 referral bonus and I keep receiving emails from support that they added it and promise to have it on my next check, but disappears from my statement the day before payday and I have to start a new email thread all over again. Has his...
  20. GrandpaD

    Uber Vegas Guaranteed Promotion Program Explained

    Uber Guaranteed Promotion Program Explained To qualify - You must have the app on during any single shaded hour for at least 50 minutes. You must have at least one (1) fare during that hour. No fare – no bonus. You must have an acceptance rate of at least 90%. Note the following – If you...