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  1. noober

    Idaho Statesman article on rate cuts

  2. uberboise

    Uber expects you to work for minimum wage now

    At the recent propaganda meeting they stated they know there are drivers that will work for $30, $20, $10 an hour. They are definitely culling the herd for the $10 drivers in my City. Calculated they new fare from my last fair of Friday, compared to new fare effective tonight. 8.7 miles, 15...
  3. gooberuberboise

    No More Hourly Guarantees for Boise Drivers

    For those drivers who have not noticed and have not been on the road such as myself, I was shocked to discover that the Uber Idaho team decided to get rid of the Hourly Guarantees, either temporarily or permanently. As far as I can tell, this goes back to the first part of October, perhaps even...