bodily fluids

  1. Phasmatrope

    Still no way to cancel stops on a Pool/Line right?

    Wondering if anyone here knows if either Lyft Line or Uber Pool have changed things, so that you're able to cancel stops on either, without canceling the entire trip?? I mainly just ask because I just saw this Buzzfeed article about how pax are using rideshare instead of ambulances to get to...
  2. thesweatersnog

    Anyone ever experience passenger urinating in the car?

    Honestly the thought never occurred to me before a couple of weeks ago when a friend mentioned its something i should look out for. ...WHAT!? I've done my best to plan and prepare for a number of eventualities, but that is not one of them! I mean i have no idea how i would even handle that...
  3. UberSue

    Made $250 in 2 rides and under an hour!

    Now...can someone tell me the best/easiest/cheapest way to clean vomit off of every surface in a car?