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  1. GruveRecords

    Too many ANTS in Boca now!

    We don't have the demand here for all of these squatting ANTS. People in Boca are CHEAP anyways, so if you're here for the tips, I have bad news for you... I promise you will only be disappointed in Boca. You already drive for Uber. Do you need more disappointment on top of that? PS..I SEE YOU
  2. F

    No Money In Palm Beach County??

    I drive UberX in PBC. I've done 53 trips over the course of about three weeks. My first week I drove four evenings/nights from roughly 5:00pm up to about 1:00am. I made about $360. This does NOT include gas and other expenses (I usually dump about $15 per evening in the gas tank). A lot of my...
  3. GaryWinFlorida

    Is there XL business in PB County

    Upgraded to XL and barely getting any rides in Palm Beach County (Delray-Boca) ... 3 1/2 hours Sunday night without a single ping. Just had them add a new option so I can drive both XL+X, but isn't that defeating the purpose? I was getting a new car anyway, but spent significantly more to get an...