1. randrace

    Select For All: BMW Rideshare Lease

    BMW chips away at the barrier for entry into Select:
  2. SilentKnight

    You Have Got to be Kidding Me

    Which one of you here got the new 2018 M550i and using it for these bulshiit apps?? I saw this driving someone in a very sketchy part of 3rd Ave near the 115 st area. Definitely doing X. That's an $80,000+ car that luxury bases won't accept. I know you can use it as "black" & "lux" but...
  3. Maven

    Economic Reality Meets Over-Optimistic SDC Hype Autonomous cars race narrows on doubts about clear path to profit AUGUST 8, 2017 by Edward Taylor and Paul Lienert FRANKFURT/DETROIT (Reuters) - BMW and Daimler, the world's top luxury carmakers, have announced alliances with...
  4. O

    Is driving a BMW that bad of an idea?

    Quick background. I'm new to the forums and the world of ride sharing. I'm in mid 20's working part time at a bar in downtown Los Angeles. I plan on doing most of my driving late nights after work and for about 4-6 hours on my off days. Averaging probably 20-30 hrs a week. So with that said I...
  5. Karl Marx

    BMW, Mobileye in deal to collect map data for self-driving cars Happening much faster than any of us even though last week.
  6. Adieu

    LA: anywhere for Adblue DEF / Krause port bottle only! -ON A SUNDAY??

    FELLOW DiESELHEADS! Pont me in the right direction? Need DEF w/ krause fill adapter ONLY (or even an empty adblue bottle would do the trick) AFAIK audi/VW parts department at stealerships takes Sundays off, right??? And non-German non-dealership sources don't have the fill port adapter so no...
  7. J

    can i drive ubersuv in toronto with a seven seater bmw x5? 2013

    I dont see why i couldnt drive this car as ubersuv if it is all black outside and inside.
  8. A

    BMW 730LD for Sale

    Selling my car as I'm looking to upgrade. BMW 730LD 3.0 69,000 miles. Dec 2012. Soft Closing Doors. Front Freeview TV and DVD. MOT till April 2017. PCO licenced until 16th April 2017. Car Guide Price £19,500 but due to quick sale will listen to any reasonable offers. Perfect for Uber Lux...
  9. M

    Is it worth it to drive a BMW X-Drive for Uber?

    I have a full time job .. make decent money and have used UBER (as a passenger) close to 100 time for work and Play..each time I get in a UBER car the driver raves about it and tell me how much they are making.. I signed up and took my car in last month and promised I'd give it a try a few...
  10. A

    BMW 520D 60 Plate for Sale

    Hi guys, I'm selling my black BMW 520D. Mileage 183,000. 60 Plate, black leather inside. Excellent condition. Full service. PCO badge valid until December 2016. £8,500 ono Quick sale required because I'm looking to buy a 730LD. Please let me know if interested. Contact me directly by...