1. Uber Annie

    Enough is Enough STOP Robbing DRIVERS & RIDERS

    Uber drivers have been taken advantage of over and over again. From flooded markets, fake surges, no increase in rates with gas increases (Uber got theirs), to now a broken app and testing in markets with low pay. It is time for Drivers to Unite and make a stand, United! We will coordinate...
  2. Unleaded

    Uber Tales of the 2017 Atlanta Airport Blackout

    I have created this new thread to provide the ability for anyone who found themselves involved in the 2017 Atlanta Airport blackout and who may have been “rescued” or inspired by an “Uber Angel” to speak about it. December 18, 2017 was a day of utter chaos at the Hartsfield-Jackson- Atlanta...
  3. Stormy_Blu

    Just curious, how those w/out T-Moblie did last night?

    I couldn't get data or make a darn call after 10:30pm last night! No landline phone, so I couldn't call T-Mobile to see what the heck was going on either.. I was geared up, ready to go, but no service!! It didn't turn back on until 4:30 am!!!! I saw on the news this morning that ALL T-Mobile...
  4. C

    Will Uber Drivers Strike Suberbowl Sunday? -- OPINIONS PLEASE

    Lots of Driver pushback in San Francisco in last few days. Drivers talking of strike, slowdown or working for Lyft or Carey Limo on Superbowl Sunday. Uber offering infamous "Uber Guarantee" (subsidy) that is difficult to collect because of all the conditions that go with getting the subsidy...