1. blahguy88

    Pickup Address Blacklist

    For one reason or another, there are customers out there whom we could all live without. To help make sure we never deal with these customers again, post pickup and/or drop off addresses here. I'll start with... Backseat driver Yeller Self-entitled idiot who doesn't listen to drivers Distracts...
  2. B

    Can I get a potentially threatening person blacklisted?

    Hello there!! I'm not a driver but i need to know if i can get someone potentially threatening blacklisted. My dad is an abusive and crazy guy, to keep things short lets just say he's stuck at one house with no means of transportation but keeps threatening to get an uber to come by us. I'm...
  3. Lost In Translation

    Blacklisted By Lyft

    Last August I applied to both Uber and Lyft. I was approved by Uber in 4 days. Got an extra $100 for bringing my car to their staffed driver center, which is located in the heart of San Francisco. On the road and driving. Got my airport permit, my Uber logo stickers, etc. All very efficient...
  4. M

    Naples/Ft Myers blacklist (riders)

    Didn't see a thread for this, thought maybe one could be started. I thought maybe we could share our pax-blacklist stories Been driving just over a month. I only have 1 real one, and 1 more I wouldn't take if I were to see them (don't have name) 'Ashley J' who lives in Sterling Oaks...