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  1. ScottNice

    Brand New Driver

    I'm tinking about quitting my full time job job to be a Uber driver full time, I met a driver and his advice to me was "if you really want to make $$, drive select or black" he goes on to say he made $65K last year driving black and select and ne never works past 6 pm and about 5 days a...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Tess Holliday Boycotts Uber After Driver Body-Shames Her: ‘I’m Fat But I Also Have a Fat Wallet’

    http://people.com/bodies/tess-holliday-uber-boycott-body-shame/ Instagram post: https://instagram.com/p/BTC5CtgB9hY/ Model Tess Holliday is boycotting Uber after one if its drivers allegedly body-shamed her. The size 22 supermodel took to Instagram on Tuesday, showing video of a male driver...
  3. fasteddy99

    Uber is Killing Select

    Has anybody noticed the Select rides have dropped dramatically ever since Uber showed the price comparisons along side each other on the rider app? That is poor marketing. I spoke to a guy who owns many prominent restaurants in LA who uses "Market Price" all the time for high end food. He said...
  4. financeguy13

    Black driver vs. Travis Kalanick video

    Envious? Bet you wish you were the driver for this confrontation. Where's the compassion for all drivers, Travis? I thought the driver did quite well. Some would have grabbed him by the neck, ha ha. Skip to the last part of the video when the ladies exit to see Black driver vs. Travis...
  5. DallasLimoDriver2017

    Uber SUV Income In Dallas

    Can any DALLAS SUV drivers please give me an idea how much you make a week/month/year as an SUV capable driver? (Including all lower class income you can bring in with your SUV vehicle) I know gas, ins, car payments, tolls, blah blah are all fluctuating and relative to the days and times and...
  6. aradagebeya


    When it comes to Uber, Tipping is a Chinese City!!!! Notice how many times they "Appreciate" our feedbacks.. (in the email response below) Awwww.. how sweet!!!!!! I reallllllly feel part of big family when I'm appreciated like this!!! NOT!!! I really think we need to bombard them DAILY with...
  7. aradagebeya

    NEVER EVER GIVE UP... Sometimes when it rains it pours...

    Funniest sh!t happened to me Saturday night! So I started work at 6:30pm.. and drove straight to Downtown.. sat there, and sat there and sat there... and cruised around NOTHING.. thinking sh!t.. I aint making jack tonight... and FINALLY I get a ping guess what time??? ARE YOU READY.. 10:34pm...
  8. aradagebeya


    Sup uberites, How was your tuesday morning checkouts after the convention???? Was it busy, coz i didnt really see too much activity out of the ordinary!!!! Did many people get enough UberX, Select & Black rides?? Btw.. did anybody work in Coronado early morning?? Was it busy?? Care to share???
  9. aradagebeya


    Please upload a screenshot if possible... Almost $11,000 in one month (including tips) san diego market. With the path Travis is taking HELL WILL FREEZE OVER before we ever make that kinda money ever again!!! It feels like a distant dream these days..
  10. E

    Interested doing Uber Black in Washington D.C

    Hi, I have been driving part time for UberX for the past week and I have made 70 trips in Richmond. I own a black Audi A4 2012 and I read somewhere that my vehicle qualifies for UberBlack but since Richmond don't offer it, I can only do UberX. I am able to keep my UberX for Richmond and get...
  11. ebrain

    Buying new Chevy Suburban for Uber Black/SUV?

    This question is specific to my situation and might not apply to others. I earn a reasonable living from sources other than Uber (without going to work). Instead of sitting home doing nothing I tried UberXL for a little bit and now planning to do Uber Black/SUV part time since I love being on...
  12. carchey

    Uber Black and SUV

    I own a GMC Acadia and am interested in only taking Select, Black and SUV fares. How can I do this?
  13. U

    Uber Black/Suv lease

    Whats happening Uber Community . Moving down to Houston. Wanted to know how much is a "gate lease" for uber black/suv? Meaning can I pay a weekly fee to drive for an owner who has a uber black/suv? How much a week will he charge me?
  14. rebüx

    Black cab told me to move my car.

    Hey guys, I am still in shock! Last night I was at Covent Garden front of the Radio club, Parked my car in parking bay. After a few minutes later I have seen black Vito cab flashing to me and waving his hand to move my car I stand still, he came next to my window and told me to move my car I...
  15. Frankie602


    I have a 2013 Black Pilot, I was driving UBER SUV, UBER Black, UBER Select, UBER XL. I'm a driver in Arizona. I asked support to add another vehicle profile with all the above including UBER X. But they removed me from all classes except XL and I'm not getting any requests!!! I asked them to...
  16. S

    Uber Black asterisk near plate

    Hey Everyone, If this has been covered I apologized but a search did not render any info? I noticed that some of my fellow black drivers have astericks that appear next to their plate numbers and then the app will prompt them to go online as select or black. I feel that as a contractor I...