black car

  1. Handsome

    Suvs are preferred to give more pings....

    I heard that suv drivers are given more preference over the guy having a sedan or a car having xl option. If there are 4 guys at same location and all of them have different vehicles, so uber ll give the ping to the guy who ve suv (even when the ping is uberx) and the pax can get free upgrade...
  2. burgerflipper

    diaz bill hurts black car/livery drivers

    how is diaz bill supposed to help base drivers when it limits drivers to one base. many base drivers rely on uber when base is slow, just ask the base drivers on this forum. the result of the diaz bill will be that many base drivers will switch to uber since the base alone doesnt provide enough...
  3. Trying2survive

    What is the best Uber XL vehicle ?

    I have been driving my 2017 Hyundai Elantra for about 6 months and I want to add another vehicle so I can drive XL or more . I have been told that I can double my revenue if I drive XL and another driver told me to get a large SUV like a Suburban, Tahoe , or Navigator so then I could drive XL...
  4. IAmYourRide

    Should I switch?

    For those of you that drive both Uber & Lyft... does Lyft have enough volume to just do it exclusively? How about if you are a Black car?
  5. I

    Uber SUV questions

    Hi everyone, does any of you drives for Uber SUV? I'm currently drive Camry Hybrid but going to buy Infiniti QX60 and drive for SUV level. I just not sure that there is enough Uber-SUV requests in NYC. I don't want to do Uber-Pool on $50k worth car))
  6. Driving and Driven

    New York Black Car Drivers cannot file Class Action Law Suit

    The Supreme Court voted 3-0 in the final appeal to oppose the right of black car drivers to file a class action lawsuit for better pay. The court ruled the drivers are independent contractors and, therefore, unable to legally act as employees. I mention this as this decision may stand as a...
  7. D

    Livery Insurance Options

    I currently am using Progressive for livery commercial insurance here in Colorado. My renewal rate increased by more than 30% this year. I am having difficulty getting quotes with other insurance providers. Is Progressive the only game in Colorado or can someone recommend other insurance...
  8. BrooklynDodger

    Advice on driving for a black car base

    I recently signed up with a six stars of new york black car base. has anyone worked with them and does anyone have any advice for a rookie? I've been driving private clients for years but never worked for a base. I'm also an independent owner/operator.
  9. Lawrence Elliott

    Airport Dead for UberX UberXL at DTW

    It's interesting, I have been doing airport runs since late summer 2015. At first I used to hit the streets but noticed how easy the airport was. Then all of the police started harassing uber drivers that pick up in the baggage claim area before Christmas; ticketing, towing and arrested those...
  10. BrooklynDodger

    Personlized NYC TLC Plates

    I ordered personlized NYC Tlc plates to brand the business. Does anyone know the process for notifying Uber and Tlc?