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black car fund

  1. theMezz

    Black Car Fund

    I see Lyft listed in Black car Fund.. what does this mean for us? http://www.nybcf.org/members#L:
  2. Charlie Schwartz

    taxes: Where to deduct sales tax and bcf

    uber seems to include taxes in our 1099 figures, which means they need to be deducted. where is the best place to deduct them. is there some leeway or is there only ONE acceptable line to use for this deduction on the schedule c. because i've seen ppl say "deduct it HERE" but i'm not sure if...
  3. Pdrivenyc

    Black car fund....

    I just noticed on the break down of a ride my father took with Uber that he got charged a black car fund. Why is Uber charging the passenger a black car fund as well charging the driver a black car fund!?
  4. U

    In a car accident in NYC and covered by black car fund

    Guy I know in a car accident used black car fund to cover his doctors bills. He also got paid while out of work. Turns out he had a work comp case and a personal injury case. Anyone else have a similar situation?