black cab

  1. SecretSquirrel

    Once every couple of months??

  2. SecretSquirrel

    Black Cabs Tariffs going up!!!!

    They are saying::eek: The nighttime fare on rate three will be unchanged yet the stigma of the 40p will see us crucified in the media, with headlines in the Standard announcing "Greedy Cabbies Put Up Taxi Fares". Found this on their leaking site...
  3. Uberxxxuk

    Uber crash with taxi

    Hi there I recently had an accident with black cab (London taxi) he over took us on turning right only and went straight and he hit me on the side and I have it all on dash cam and on this link below and would love to hear from you because as far I know it's my right of way and he shouldn't over...
  4. Fostel

    BC dress code! FUN

    I was unlucky to park behind him I must say: Keeping the dress code; black trousers, collared shirt... ;-) Second one - pose when littering!
  5. uberupnorth

    Gett Together

    Gett have launched 'Gett Together' - "ride sharing along pre-set lines".
  6. R

    GETT - £50 credit

    How much are the black cab rates per mile & minute and starting fares over the weekend in London? I got £50, credit which I'd like to use as I am in London this weekend. 10 trips of £5 credits.
  7. R


    Just spotted. So much hate.
  8. R

    How much...

    Do black cab drivers earn every week in London on average? Takings?
  9. rebüx

    Black cab told me to move my car.

    Hey guys, I am still in shock! Last night I was at Covent Garden front of the Radio club, Parked my car in parking bay. After a few minutes later I have seen black Vito cab flashing to me and waving his hand to move my car I stand still, he came next to my window and told me to move my car I...