1. Lissetti

    What candy/junk food was created the year you were born

    Ugh! I wake up to the more sad Coronavirus news on the TV. I need a distraction. As per the title.....My birth year was not a good year for snacks. That's the year Coca-cola came out with New Coke.However its also the year they invented Cherry Coke. The new candy that year was Sour Patch...
  2. PioneerXi

    Birthday Wishes from Pax

    Thanks Lyft, I’ll pass on you handing out my DOB to the next 100 riders.
  3. MHR

    Day Late and a Dollar Short

    Look at thoughtful, sending me birthday wishes yesterday. Too bad my birthday was 3 months ago.
  4. New2This

    Birthday greetings

    Recently had a birthday. Interesting observation: Via- I drove one day for them, decided I despise downtown D.C. too much and haven't turned it on since. I got a birthday email from them in the morning. Lyft- got a Happy Birthday email from them around 8 at night. Still it was the effort...
  5. U

    Guess what else today is... ;)

    That's right, KekeLo and I share the same birthday, 20 years apart. Happy Birthday KekeLo! :) To celebrate, I've rejoined the Early AM Crew and gotten back into the surge game: Yeah, it's still crap, but skipping that afternoon rush period (I ended my day a little after 2PM) is significant...