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  1. D

    New needing help

    hello everyone! So I'm new to doing this! A little about me: I'm a mom to 3 kids, I've been a stay at home mom for years, my husband is a master Electrician and he works his butt off plus we run our own electrical company! I'm purchasing a new vehicle because I truly need one but I don't wanna...
  2. 2

    Working Tuscaloosa

    I think it really sucks that Birmingham drivers come down to Tuscaloosa to drive. Birmingham is so much larger, with so much more business. Why come here? Yes we have the University of Alabama but there are several campuses there.
  3. B

    Very angry and annoyed

    Pissed off rant No wonder we are all treaded like shit by everyone , I remember 20 years ago a trip that we used to take regularly cost £5 back then, the same journey now only cost £6.50. Yet inflation and all other costs have gone through the roof. I spoke with a driver the other day and...
  4. S

    Birmingham & Solihull, UK

    Can we get 3 people at least? Surely we can.
  5. B

    Tight customers and low rates. Birmingham uk

    Birmingham UK I know this is prob not the correct location for this but us Birmingham UK drivers don't have a section on this forum so squatting in the London section for now. Just wanted to vent some stuff and get it off my chest. Birmingham claims to be the second city of the UK yet the...
  6. U

    Birmingham surges

    Just thought I'd post about something that has happened up here! I know most London drivers won't care but we have had the surge cap removed last week and I did my first 3x fare which was great for everything but my rating! It was for 9.24 miles and cost the customer £48.39 And we were seeing...
  7. JSP Uber

    Good good day all, new member in new city.

    JSP Uber here, ready to roll in Birmingham, AL. I jumped in early and am ready to roll, app at the ready! My go live button indeed goes live, but I don't think it's really live in our city yet. Anyhow I'm looking forward to it and sharing in forum. Have a GRATEFUL day!
  8. S

    Birmingham, UK????? New City needed.

    Uber has been running in Birmingham for a while, I think it is about time we had it set up as a City. After all it is the 2nd city of the UK. This will surely cover Birmingham & Solihull, which has about 6000+ PH drivers.