bike delivery

  1. jrdxix

    General Advice In NYC / Electric Bike Use?

    Hi everyone, I have been working uber eats, postmates and doordash for about a year now. As a teenager I am still trying to maximize my side hustle and was curious about people’s experiences with electric bikes in NYC for delivery. I did about $341 on Uber in 3 days ($550 in total with other...
  2. LAboy

    Osteria La Buca. This RESTAURANT hates US

    HELLO anyone had problems picking up food at this restaurant? i went there 2 times, and they refused to give me the food because i used the restroom, they keep saying its for customers only. while we are making them money delivering their food, especially during this Virus . there is a guy...
  3. LAboy

    No tips. No FOOD

    you some young folks especially girls dont tip at all during these times. i understand if its an elderly person. but. i have been doing doordash no tips . grubhub is alright. my question do you guys deliver to non tippers ?
  4. N1526730

    UberEATS on a bike worth it?

    I was wondering if anyone here has done it? And, whether it does as good financially as driving? The way I see it is I ride anyway for fun on the weekend, so why not get paid. It might also be nice if I can lower the wear-and-tear/gas costs out of the deliveries.
  5. LAboy

    Minimum wage job or Uber ?

    i really wanna know if an actual job pays better than Uber really, cuz i never worked a minimum real job. i work as photographer/editor.. and i do food delivery with Uber and grubhub. so will you make better money as a dishwasher or server ? working at macdonalds or cashier? cuz i encounter...
  6. LAboy

    UberEats is Dying. hahaha

    i stopped doing UE for a while now, i have been doing grubhub only. and uber wont stop emailling me about all kind of crappy promos. i cant do it anymore its just not paying good, 3$ for a trip are you serious haha doordash and grubhub are takin over the game. i love Uber and their fast...
  7. LAboy


    HELLO whats up guys who the hell picks up food from malls or food courts like the one in century city the wesfield mall. i did it few times i regretted it, with ubereats not even a tip, with doordash i got 7$ not worth it even on a motorcycle. you gotta park go find the elevator, then look for...
  8. LAboy

    Grubhub the Best in the West.

    man i have been doing uber eats for a longtime i tried grubhub recently, i love it. u can see who tips you when u accept an offer and how much u gonna make.. dope now all those mofos that dont tip they will starve lol am doing it on my motorcycle too
  9. LAboy

    Uber Motorcycle, people hate it ?

    so i have been doing ubereats on my motorcycle for the past few month, i never had an issue with uber but the customer they hate it, i dont get it. in Asia people do that all the time. i have messed up so many pizzas tho then i stopped delivering pizzas haha also drink no. i dont make a lot of...
  10. LAboy

    The poor wants a rich lifestyle in LA

    i am a veteran when it comes to delivery. i was the first person to ever do UberEats and postmates on a bicycle in LA. Uber told me that when i started. also i went to the first postmates convention when i was like 15 so. so if you wanna get tips avoid accepting offers from the hood, koreatown...
  11. J

    Biking UberEats in Sac

    Hello. I got approved to bike deliver for UberEats (53 days from starting the process, including 2 Greenlight visits, the second of which was extended by the online help sending me to a location closed 2 years earlier) and I was looking for some basic advice. I had delivered for a Calzones...
  12. C

    UberEats Bike Advice

    Something I've learned delivering Uber Eats on the bike: 1. Get a stack of those cardboard 4 slot drink holders. One or two of them at the bottom of your bag keeps the bottom of the bag stiff and the food sitting level. Additionally you can take some more and use it to pad the bag around the...
  13. LAboy

    Uber Taxi on Motorcycle

    Recently i have been receiving pings to pick up people instead of food haha They must have made a mistake in the system, i do UberEats. So i said why not give it a go, one dude agreed to take a ride on my back seat haha without a helmet, funny thing i got paid for that. I wish i can do this...
  14. LAboy

    UberEATS deactivated me for SPEED

    * your account is put on hold for abnormal speed, you must be using a vehicle * So finally Uber decided to deactivate me too for a stupid reason, i signed up for a bicycle account and use my motorcycle, its not my fault they only have bicycle and car mode. I called them they said they will...
  15. S

    New To Uber Eats Louisville - Biking

    Hey everyone. I’m Eric. So I’ve been doing Uber Eats on my bike for a few weeks. I am working for a nonprofit for the spring/summer, as well as editing a literary magazine, and am hoping that Uber Eats suppliments my income. My routine, if you can call it that, is as follows: I live in the...
  16. LAboy

    One month 0 tips,UberEATS

    I was like what the F, my rating is at its best but zero tips, i made $890 it's all Uber money. We becoming like FRANCE, people don't tip at all. But i am satisfy with the Uber pay though, it's not bad working for only few hours a week. fun fact: i maybe one of the fastest delivery guy out here...
  17. LAboy

    I will Vlog UberEATS on YOUTUBE, to EXPOSE

    Uber doesnt seem to believe me sometimes what some customers do, so i decided to buy a tiny gopro put it on my motorcycle helmet or my chest, i have to expose some MOFOs. haha cuz everyday it's a new story especially with a BIKE i wanna expose the non tippers and the rude @@@@@es, the liars...
  18. LAboy

    Uber takes 30%, to make it clear

    A lot of people say it takes 25% no its 30%, just wanna make this clear cuz a lot of people asked me. What i don't know is if its for UberEATS only? I like Uber and i appreciate their opportunity but it's a bit too much, i think they take the highest among the other delivery apps But recently...
  19. S

    Uber eats savannah-hilton head

    Does anyone know if uber eats in savannah-hilton head allows delivery by bike? I signef up to drive in austin,tx and I'm relocating to savannah, where I want to continue to deliver by bike. Please don't suggest I check the app or site, it gives me the general message about bike/scooter...
  20. S

    Uber eats savannah-hilton head

    Does anyone know if uber eats in savannah-hilton head allows drivers on bikes? I signed up in austin,tx but relocated to savannah, and want to know if I'll be able to deliver by bike here too? It's not listed on the site or app so please don't suggest I lool there. Thanx!