1. New2This

    Beyonce Meetup

    If any of you Deplorables are going to FedEx Field Friday night for Beyonce, we can do a mini Meetup. If you're interested either post here or PM me
  2. Cou-ber

    Beyoncé Concert @ NRG

    Told my baby NOT to attempt to get an Uber outside the stadium and to avoid the brown lot. Told her to head toward Braeswood or even jump on the train to the next stop to avoid clustersuck. To those that have far bigger cajones than me, where could I tell her to go to be easily transported outta...
  3. jparker501

    Anyone else see this? I'm assuming error

    ....since this happened over a week ago and haven't been able to find any info pointing to another concert at the RB.
  4. radioboy

    WTF just happened

    at Galleria on a 3.8, the entire things shits the bed, now the entire city is a 1.2?