beverly hills

  1. MsKia

    Saw driver punched in face

    I was picking up PAX from a Beverly Hills party last night around 2:30am when I saw an argument happening to my front left. What looked like a driver was being yelled at by a young male and female. The two males then started fighting and the younger one landed a solid punch to the face of the...
  2. 2CV750CC

    Kids in Beverly Hills

    warning: if you get a ride request for the 800 block of Camden in Beverly Hills, be aware had 6 kids (all under acceptable age) jump into my car faster than I could say NO then they were rude, tried to insist I cancel told them to get out - so they finally cancelled when they eventually did...
  3. briandriver

    Beverly Hills cracking down on Uber/Lyft

    Beverly Hills police are handing out tickets to rideshare drivers. I know 2 drivers who got tickets, and I was able to talk my way into a warning - all for the same thing = stopping in illegal spot to pick up or drop off riders. The cop that stopped me told me word has come down to cops to go...