1. M

    How long have you been on UP?

    In honor of @doyousensehumor 5 year UP anniversary let us know how long you've been Also feel free to share some funny posts, memories. Hehe @doyousensehumor imitating the writings of our neighborhood fox 🦊 . Can always count on @doyousensehumor to try and speak your language...
  2. DollarFree

    Beware of Best Buy trips

    Thought this warranted its own thread... BB aren’t letting anyone in the store anymore. Either order online and they bring to your car or a BB person will go in the shop and bring it out to you. So beware, a Best Buy trip can be like a fast food drive thru trip with u sitting there waiting 20...
  3. Land rover black

    I wonder how many drivers can say they held a 4.98 or higher rating 4 / 3000 trips? And in my case my entire Uber career. Not bragging just proud.

    I started driving Uber last May. The 17th to be exact, I'm at 3500 rides in one year and I've never drop lower than a 4.98 rating. What percentage of drivers hold a higher than 4.95 rating? And how many do you think hold a close to five star rating all the time? I noticed I don't look at my...
  4. BigRedDriver

    It's official - I am the best!

    Sorry guys and gals, but when it comes to "dribers", it appears you can all just line up behind me. Thanks Mom!
  5. Woon

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS Apple IPhone X (IPhone 8)

    Iphone Spec 5.8" OLED display Faster A11 processor Glass body Edge-to-edge display Facial Recognition, perhaps replacing Touch ID No Home button Wireless inductive charging Three models - One OLED iPhone X, two standard iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Note 8 Spec 6.30-inch 1.6GHz octa-core 8-megapixel...
  6. Maven

    Top Spots

    A few drivers travel from all over Connecticut to these Connecticut's top pickup spots Stamford Hartford New Haven Westchester County Airport (Illegal for X and XL) Bridgeport Connecticut's top destinations John F. Kennedy International Airport...
  7. B

    Best uber compliment

    Before the flaming begins I know the best compliment is get to tipped in CASH. Best tip I made was $30 in cash from a $5 uberX just 2 nights ago. What is your best in app rider notes - to be honest the fact someone took the time to write feedback about your grind deserves to be known. Drop...
  8. Gregm

    Best area to start on Northern Beaches in evening 5pm +

    I live on the northern beaches, around Beacon Hill area. I can only really drive during the peak times in the afternoon (5-10 pm) but I haven't really had much success. Is this just my luck? Has anyone else had any success on the NB during these times? If not where is the best place for me to...