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best area to dirve

  1. Jake Steirer

    Best places to drive in Philly and surrounding area?

    I was wondering if people could share where they have found the most success in Philly and around the area. I heard Cherry Hill was good, but I've noticed it's not as busy. Thank you.
  2. Maven

    10 Best Cities to Be an Uber Driver

    http://www.escapehere.com/trending-travel/the-10-best-cities-to-be-an-uber-driver/ Washington, D.C. Boston San Francisco Seattle Atlanta Minneapolis New York Austin Chicago Denver Worst city: Whichever one you currently drive in :D Time to transfer...
  3. M

    Alright, seriously tf San Antonio?

  4. Carrottvision

    What regions are in Los angles and San Fernando are generally lucrative and safe to taxi in?

    I'am not asking other drivers to reveal their gold mines. I live in Ventura county but for some reason don't have access to this area. What districts of LA and San Fernando Valley are good on weekend nights.