1. 17MPG

    Uber Ant Gets Luckiest Pax Bail Her Out of Red Light Ticket in Berkeley The passenger was Ben Bartlett and when Smith contacted the driver, Bartlett immediately identified himself as a Council Member. He...
  2. B

    Pedestrian Vehicles

    We all know bikes, pedestrians, scooters, whatever you wanna ride on.... all people walking on the sidewalks have a chip on their shoulder. they will walk in front of traffic, flip you off, and smile with a smugness that makes you want to murder them. I had 2 people today that qualified and I...
  3. RideShareJUNKIE

    Berkeley +Lyft= don't bother.

    A monumental day of personal achievement ( this is the worst/slowest I've experienced in a year): Lyft: Online time: 4hrs 35 min Requests received: 5 Request type: All 5 were line's Requests accepted: 3 Total payout: $28 (Of 7 pax, 1- $1 tip.) Uber: Online time: 1hr 15 min Requests received: 1...
  4. EastbayUberX99

    Oakland - Eastbay

    Not sure if Eastbay is listed but here is a thread