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  1. 17MPG

    Uber Ant Gets Luckiest Pax Bail Her Out of Red Light Ticket in Berkeley

    https://www.berkeleyside.com/2018/09/11/an-uber-got-pulled-over-in-berkeley-last-year-councilman-ben-bartlett-was-inside-he-asked-police-not-to-ticket-the-driver The passenger was Ben Bartlett and when Smith contacted the driver, Bartlett immediately identified himself as a Council Member. He...
  2. B

    Pedestrian Vehicles

    We all know bikes, pedestrians, scooters, whatever you wanna ride on.... all people walking on the sidewalks have a chip on their shoulder. they will walk in front of traffic, flip you off, and smile with a smugness that makes you want to murder them. I had 2 people today that qualified and I...
  3. RideShareJUNKIE

    Berkeley +Lyft= don't bother.

    A monumental day of personal achievement ( this is the worst/slowest I've experienced in a year): Lyft: Online time: 4hrs 35 min Requests received: 5 Request type: All 5 were line's Requests accepted: 3 Total payout: $28 (Of 7 pax, 1- $1 tip.) Uber: Online time: 1hr 15 min Requests received: 1...
  4. EastbayUberX99

    Oakland - Eastbay

    Not sure if Eastbay is listed but here is a thread