1. R

    Unemployment Benefits after State Re-open

    Does anyone know if benefits will be cancelled after your state "re-opens"? I know the states are all varied in their "phase" openings and also air traffic has certainly not come back = fewer rides even in a partial re-opening. I have been looking for another job and may get an offer at Lowes...
  2. Mura

    NJ Unemployment Minimum Earning Requirement 10K Base Year

    They count your base period earning If you apply on March 10/1/2018 to 9/2019 If you apply on April 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019 these time frame you have to make minimum 10K to eligible, I guess $0 from state Maybe little from government pandemic relief but I think they will not give us that 600...
  3. cavenoize

    Uber CFO wants to give US drivers benefits while retaining contractor status

    Said it this AM on CNBC, noting that some EU drivers get benefits while being contractors. Got grilled on exactly what laws prevent Uber from giving benefits to contractors and didn’t have a good answer.
  4. Driver Firoz

    Why don't we get Free Driver Benefits??

    I have been looking for companies that offer extra benefits to drivers in California. They have one called Workers Benefit Fund in NY which offer health benefits and more for free. Is there any for California? Why don't they have one in each city where Uber operates?!
  5. grain of salt

    Can Lyft drivers answer these questions?

    Hi, If you're a Lyft driver, may you please answer these questions below? I'm curious to see your answers about your experience driving for Lyft. If you do not feel comfortable answering some questions, you can skip them but if you can, please answer them all. Thank you very much! 1. How...
  6. J

    FREE Oil change

    One of the benefits from uber is actually significantly useful for once. You can get an oil change for half-price from sears auto care if you've linked your uber driver account to the shop your way app. The kicker is for the 1st 100 rides a month every month you give, shop your way gives you...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber gives drivers sick pay and parental leave across Europe Ride hailing firm Uber will give its European drivers access to medical cover and compensation for work-related injuries. The new protections include sick pay, parental leave and bereavement payments. Uber said it previously "focused too much on...
  8. workingwa

    Workers' rights meeting - Sunday @ 2

    Hey guys, I'm the online organizer for Working Washington, the statewide workers' rights organization. We're working on getting better rights & benefits in the gig economy and I wanted to let you know about this chance to get involved! On Sunday @ 2 pm, we're holding a meeting for all "gig...
  9. L

    Benefits (dentist, health)

    hey all - what do you do for benefits, like dentist and health care? Any tips?
  10. Questioner

    Freelancer Benefits Questions

    Hi all, I'm really sorry if this isn't allowed but I'm trying to build a service to help self-employed freelancers like Uber drivers with things like benefits etc. I've put together a 5 question questionnaire but can't post the link here (i've only just joined and there are certain criteria I...
  11. Maven

    Deactivated by Acceptance, Cancellations, Rating

    Hi Binghampton, Syracuse, and surrounding areas, I'm posting this in various NYS forums, but not the same message because that would be considered SPAM. Please read the main thread at However, Reply here! So...
  12. Maven

    Deactivated by Acceptance, Cancellations, Rating

    Hi Albany and surrounding areas, I'm posting this in various NYS forums, but not the same message because that would be considered SPAM. Please read the main thread at However, Reply here! So, we have a record...
  13. Maven

    Deactivated by Acceptance, Cancellations, Rating

    Hi Buffalo, Rochester, and surrounding areas, I'm posting this in various NYS forums, but not the same message because that would be considered SPAM. Please read the main thread at However, Reply here! So, we...
  14. Maven

    Deactivated by Acceptance, Cancellations, Rating

    Acceptance: You can NEVER be deactivated for a low acceptance rate. Uber and Lyft may whine and complain using in-App messages, texts, emails, etc., but that is all they will ever do. Just for fun, let's see who can win the prize" for lowest acceptance rating. Cancellation: You can...
  15. Felix2015

    Time to quit and stop slavery

    It's been nearly two years working for uber but I am tired of waiting for better benefits from Uber and no success . Time to knock other better doors Good luck everyone
  16. Madison Alder

    What do you do for medical coverage? Retirement?

    Hello there, My name is Madison Alder and I'm a reporter with Bloomberg BNA in Washington. I'm working on a couple of stories about how workers in your industry -- "the gig economy" -- gets benefits, and I need your voices. What do you currently do for medical coverage? How could an Obamacare...
  17. Maven

    Employee or Contractor? Choose Now!

    Please vote in the Poll. How to be paid and classified? If you were given the choice today, what would it be? Not every driver agrees. There are pros and cons on both sides. EMPLOYEE PROS Minimum wage guaranteed, every day, even when slow. Get standard benefits and protections mandated by the...
  18. klk2412

    What's your ideal insurance situation?

    I'm a writer for The Ringer working on a story about gig economy workers and portable benefits, the kind where either a worker pays or an employer pays or both pay a third party for insurance. If you'd be willing to email with me about what your ideal insurance situation would be as a driver...
  19. Maven

    Driver Benefits

    If drivers like you were represented then what should our Union demand from Uber? I'd like to see: Increased pay. Uber cut decreased from 25% to 20% and drivers get a percentage of the booking fee. Tipping feature on rider-App Limit number of drivers (or rider-to-driver ratio) in a city so...
  20. UberxGTA

    Employee Driver Benefits or something in between

    Flexible work shifts----same as now, PT,FT, Flex time Benefits--- to be negotiated, gas/maintainence allowance, TIPS in APP Wages---same as now, depending on amount of hours worked Taxes---NO POTENTIAL HST hanging over your head RESPECT.