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below minimum wage uber fares

  1. BurgerTiime

    Do not drive for UberEats

    He didn’t even add taxes and other crap.
  2. H

    Low UberEats delivery requests

    Hello Guys, I have been doing UberEats for more than two months now. When I first started I was able to make a 100$ in a day (8 hours of being online), and I would get orders from various restaurants around the area I'd be working at. But this week the delivery requests have dropped...
  3. SharedRideTruther

    And So It Begins. But in a Different Language...Ahh, Destiny

    So, tonite in my short, surge chasing excursions, my 2nd group of middle aged concert partying pax share a story with me that was what I forecasted my 2nd nite driving for Uber, after being @@@@@ slapped with some ridiculously low fares for my time. I had many pax tell me these last few weeks...