1. mrDEE630

    What's your longest trip

    well, I'm planning on being out of town for the weekend and holiday so I figured I'd work a few hours I normally don't on the weekdays to make up for that missed time and caught the longest trip to date in the process lol Picked up at pdx and took passengers to tillamook. Probably wouldn't have...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Here we go again. Another driver charged with raping a passenger Uber driver charged with raping passenger in Virginia Beach VIRGINIA BEACH An Uber driver was arraigned Tuesday on rape and abduction charges...
  3. DriveSOFLA

    First Day.........

    i put 4 hrs in this afternoon, around West Palm Beach, Fl. Made about $40, wasted time at Palm Beach International Airport, watching the number of cars in the queue rise and fall, never got called, complained to Uber without much satisfaction. Couple nice easy rides, gotta figure it out, any...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver arrested for multiple rapes

    Detectives believe there could be other victims.
  5. Tenzo

    Sometime you just cant get an Uber driver in time to take you to the beach.

    Somtimes you just need to get to the beach for a swim. #DontJudgeMe!