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  1. Initial D

    Why don't private jet passengers choose other types of services besides UberX/Lyft rides?

    Not too far from the entrance of the Oakland Airport, there is a Business Jet Center for passengers traveling with a private jet. Whenever I am near the Oakland Airport, I wait for airport rides and I sometimes get a request from the Business Jet Center. In my experiences, I've had two pax...
  2. Pax Collector


    Why does my app still show primetime? I thought they took it away and replaced it with dollar amount?
  3. Pax Collector

    Lyft sued, driver allegedly kidnapped children.

    Bay Area Mom Sues Lyft, Alleges Driver Took Off With Her 2 Kids OAKLAND (KPIX) — Khahn Mac had the scariest fifteen minutes of her life last year, thanks to a Lyft driver and now she’s suing the ride-hailing company for it. Her attorney, John Winer, calls what happened “a kidnapping, kind of...
  4. Pax Collector

    Here we go!

    Looks like little brother Gryft has followed in Fuber's footsteps.
  5. Pax Collector

    Bay Area rideshare driver arrested for rape.

    SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Police in San Jose arrested a rideshare driver Thursday suspected in the kidnapping and violent sexual assault of a passenger in San Mateo in August. San Mateo police said 40-year-old Brandon Sherman of San Jose was arrested Thursday morning in during a traffic stop in San...
  6. Courtney Gamble

    Tax Consultant

    Hello There, Anyone have a tax consultant located in the Bay Area that you recommend?
  7. J

    Hi from SF

    New driver of an (new) SUV here in San Francisco. I started driving last week. I'm based in Potrero Hill, but my riders have already taken me as far south as San Jose.
  8. B

    Pedestrian Vehicles

    We all know bikes, pedestrians, scooters, whatever you wanna ride on.... all people walking on the sidewalks have a chip on their shoulder. they will walk in front of traffic, flip you off, and smile with a smugness that makes you want to murder them. I had 2 people today that qualified and I...
  9. D

    Have you ever felt like Uber was somehow intentionally stopping you from hitting your promos?

    It was Sunday, around 6 pm, un San Francisco. I had 23 trips left to get the weekend promo. I would normally complete 23 before 1 am but something weird happened that Sunday: It seemed like 90% of the trips I was getting were long trips. They were long enough that they could extend to an hour...
  10. B

    Almost ZERO UberX request

    Idk about any of you in the Bay area, but I have been getting non stop pool requests and only a handful of UberX. I drove 173 miles yesterday and only made $73!!! In 8 hours!! I just kept getting pool after pool (which I don't accept). My routine and routes haven't changed, and there is no...
  11. X

    Failure to Yield, do I need to worry?

    Hi so I got a $500 ticket for failure to yield to emergency vehicles while driving for Lyft in Millbrae, CA (near SFO). It’s my first ticket ever in 7 years of driving, no other infractions. I’m willing to pay the ticket to get it over with, but I’m worried about being kicked off the platform...
  12. WING

    Has anybody ever driven for Uber and Lyft in upstate NY?

    Hi everyone, I am currently living and driving for Uber in Bay Area. However, I might be moving to Buffalo/Syracuse/Rochester area in NY in the coming months. Just wanna gather some info about earnings over there and what things to be aware of. Do I need to drive both Lyft & Uber to survive over...
  13. East bay

    Is $2,500 possible in a week for Uber partners in San Francisco?

    I have heard stories of uber partners making $2,500 a week in San Francisco. Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated. I will put my best effort in this week and hopefully I shall reach my goal.
  14. WING

    What car can I get for Uber.....?Plan to buy a 2nd hand car

    Hi, even though I know the requirements for Uber vehicle, I kind of worry if I buy a car and it fails the Uber inspection, so I am really hesitating..... by the time I was working for Uber in Boston, they do not need to inspect the car, smog check is already enough. So I do not want to buy a car...
  15. O

    Bank Acct Negative. Thanks Lyft!!

    Ive been browsing the forum for some time now. Being that im a 5 star rated driver who uses the lyft rental program i must share to help others avoid my mistake.. Summer 16' i started driving lyft. Driving 32hrs a week i was making 1200-1500.. Was going so good i even quit my job , reason being...
  16. S

    Will this dead period end soon???

    Hey all, I see others posting snapshots of their pathetic earnings the last few days, and I want to know if anyone has any clue if this dead period will pick up SOON? I understand, we're still in the holiday phase. People might still be returning from their Christmas vacations. They aren't yet...
  17. LorenzoSF

    Tips in the Bay Area!!!

    I've been reading about uber passengers giving tips, but I never got tips from any pax ever. All I got is 4,84 ratings and 3 compliments in about 2 years. Is it the Bay Area's pax or is it like that everywhere? Are tips the exception?
  18. C

    Vicovation DS2 dash cams

    Hey guys, I've got about 40 Vicovation DS2 vehicle video cameras. All are new in the box and work great for forward recording while driving in the crazy city / bay area. It's a great thing to have if you're driving for a living. These provide a high quality video image and I'm trying to get...
  19. Raul grande

    Pay day

    Hi. So I recently started working for uber last week in the Bay Area. I made my first ride on Wednesday August 24th. I'm still prettt confused on when I would get my direct deposit. My acct and routing number is all set in the vault just wanted to get someone to shed some light.
  20. Silent_Philosodriver

    Peak Driver Time - Monday's starting at 7pm

    It's like clockwork. Monday's requests just come to a sudden stop at 7pm. Once the part timers are back from work and have eaten dinner, and the full timers are still out there. And everyone wants their extra Monday $100, then it's Peak Time for drivers.... Can you really do 10 rides from 7pm...