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  1. Hostmydream

    Recommend base

    Do you guys know any good base for Lincoln MKT ? I don’t like driving much and was looking to do few jobs a day and I’m not trying to get million dollar insurance because it’s expensive Any advice would be helpful
  2. Ali R

    Base got suspended so did I

    Just received a letter from TLC regarding that my base was suspended and then I cannot work until transfer my base! Anybody experienced the same thing? Or know how long the peproce takes? Just cannot understand whats the driver's fault here? The base never notified me that they got suspended...
  3. burgerflipper

    diaz bill hurts black car/livery drivers

    how is diaz bill supposed to help base drivers when it limits drivers to one base. many base drivers rely on uber when base is slow, just ask the base drivers on this forum. the result of the diaz bill will be that many base drivers will switch to uber since the base alone doesnt provide enough...
  4. H

    Prepping for base work

    Hi guys, (short version: i’ve got a new luxury vehicle and will be shopping around for bases soon. in the meantime, what insurance should i get, and should i affiliate my vehicle with an uber base) I've been ubering for about 18 months using a rental. Finally decided to buy a car. I was...
  5. KING D

    2018 Honda Accord LX base model.

    Engine: Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded I-4 1.5 L/91 Transmission: Continuously Variable Drive Type: FWD Ext. Color: Crystal Black Pearl Int. Color: Black City 30 Hwy 38 MPG Disclaimer: *Based on 2018 EPA mileage and driving range ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your MPGe/MPG and...
  6. M

    Base fares in Santa Barbara

    I haven't driven in a while. When did the base fares go down???
  7. Slat90

    Thinking to jump in with base like Carmel etc..

    It became obvious to me that I will distroy my car with these cheap insulting ride share apps. I never worked with a base and wonder about if it's worth it and what are the hours. Definitely not putting any stickers on my car but need a little more info from those who do have a base connection
  8. Trying in Norfolk


    anyone know why I am getting form emails to fill out? Wouldn't they already have this information?