base fare

  1. Jayluna

    NYC Luxury Base Drivers “ONLY”

    WhatsUp Folks, So Im Getting Deeper And Deeper Into This Luxury Service Business I came From Uber Suv To Luxury base (1m insurance Upgrade) But Heres Are My Questions And Concern. -Uber Black= NYC To JFK “ Normaly Is Like $85-$110 With Uber Fee Taken (TAKE HOME CLEAN) -Luxury Base= NYC TO...
  2. Y

    Just came back and WTF?

    I just started again last night after not driving for about a year and change. When did the base fare for NJ go from 1.05 to .79? I calculated and they are taking 35-38% of what the rider pays as opposed to 15% last time I drove for them. What the hell happened? Should I Try LYFT? Has it picked...
  3. U

    Base Fare in LA

    What can be done so they can start including a BASE FARE in the SOCAL area?
  4. ech

    Rates and Fares for Dallas Drivers

    Are the rates below the same rates every uberX driver has in the Dallas area? I've seen online others say theirs are higher. I've asked uber support, but they wont give me a straight answer, just a copy/pasted sounding response. Base Fare: $0.80 Per Mile: $0.73 Per Minute: $0.08 Per Minute...
  5. Buddywannarideagain

    Lowest Base Fare? 83 cents in Charlotte. What's yours?

    The base fare is 83 cents in Charlotte. How awesome! What's yours?
  6. D

    Harvey will cause gas prices to soar. Uber needs to raise fares NOW.

    Link to Vox article: Hurricane Harvey is a humanitarian disaster. It will also send gas prices soaring.
  7. NoStopping

    UberX Uberpool Base Fare in San Francisco

    Hi. Ive been driving a little over a month now and have a few questions I cant seem to answer with the SF govt website or the Uber website. I will be posting them here one at a time. From what I can tell this is one of the best forums for uber drivers. So my first question is about minimum...
  8. Ubertrappin

    Uber base rates

    hey uber, can we please raise the base rate or set a spending minimum of $5-$6 for these mini trips??? I know there a good and bad days but I should be able to at least make minimum wage on a bad day. Just tonight I had two trips in one hr and made $4.40, total, for that hour. The first pax had...
  9. J

    Atl $6.75 base fare uber gets $3.00

    So as you have seen a text lately talking about a base fare of $6.75 but then heard nothing else, well it has been raised yet the partner doesn't benefit and neither does the customer, $6.75 -1.75 booking fee - 1.25 uber fee partner makes $3.75 and uber gets $3.00. Makes sense considering they...
  10. BlackUberChick

    Base fare

    Has uber lowered the base fare again? Or is there just something going on with me? Use to be $5.00 base fare I know for sure then $1.10 per minute and $1.70 per mile, if I'm not mistaken. But now it says $2.00 base fare $.20 per minute and $1.10 per mile... wth??
  11. Starman@uber

    Uber Fare

    Question about Base fare. When I use the rider app, It shows a base fare of $4.65 from Burbank To Glendale. As a driver, I picked up a person from Burbank to Glendale but his fare was $2.45 -.40 uber fee, so basically I was paid $2.05 So how is it that the rider did not pay the base fare of $4.65?