bar crowd

  1. UberPete1911

    Uber, stand your ground, and conceal carry... Good read, video, and your thoughts?
  2. smoran26

    Providence/RI Saturday night bar rides

    So many have told me to go do the Fri/Sat late night bar scene in Boston Is there any similar bit of business on Saturday night in Providence/Pawtucket/Woonsocket for bar goers needing rides home? I got a few pax last Saturday night in Woonsocket, but wasn't out long enough to really try the...
  3. PlatinumRSS

    Most bizarre you'll probably ever hear.

    1:50AM to 2:30AM on this morning. I was around/on Larimier/Blake/Market and 2oth St area during that time. The absolute best time and place you can be for Lyft rides at any point of the week. I circled around those streets and parked right next to the crowd for a couple minutes on all those...
  4. MikesUber

    Uber HERO: Volunteer to Drive More Drunk Pax

    Uber paired with The Hero Campaign last October, but I just received this email today. This way if you opt-in you will be directed to areas of high demand for designated drivers. Now you too will have an even higher chance of getting someone who will throw up. It's a win-win. Become an Uber...