1. Skorpio

    Uber will now deactivate riders with below average ratings

    According to Kate Parker, head of safety brand and initiatives at Uber:
  2. Pax Collector

    SFMTA to ban cabs from picking up at SFO

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Taxi drivers on Thursday will ask to speak with San Francisco Mayor London Breed about a decision by the city’s transit agency that is expected to put 60 percent of the drivers out of work, according to advocates. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has...
  3. Vishnu643

    So too late for TLC plates?

    I know I posted a thread about this but somehow I think it got deleted so illI reiterate. I finally get my own personal car, get tlc insurance and now it's too late to get a license plate? What the hell kind of dark humor is this. I get capping licenses, but why cap new plates especially for...
  4. Frank Underwood

    Uber & Lyft Riders Are Racists/Islamaphobic!

    Today, I ran into an Uber/Lyft driver at a gas station. He was from Pakistan. He had a rather common Islamic name (Ahmed). He was super polite, well spoken, easy going etc. His car was a 2016 Highlander and extremely clean. No smells, aux chord, chargers and all that other nonsense these morons...
  5. BurgerTiime

    The trouble spout never turns off for Uber - Israel bans Uber In Major Blow, Court Bars Uber From Operating in Israel Starting Tuesday morning, Uber Day and Uber Night will be not be allowed to run cars through their app due to insurance issues Haaretz Uber has been...
  6. DH_uber

    Uber booted out of London

    Uber will be booted out of London for its unethical activities; "The popular ride-hailing app is "not fit and proper" to hold a licence." Steve McNamara, the head of the LTDA, said: "Since it first...
  7. Cookie something

    A pax I refused to give a ride to is trying to say I stole his phone

    He did leave it in my car door before I asked him and his friend to get out. I texted his girlfriend after I found the phone in the door, who connected him to me and I drove 20 miles to return it. I don't know if he's mad that I wouldn't give him a ride or what but you think he'd be thankful...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Uber to ban strangers from flirting with each other in Pool cars Uber is to ban strangers from flirting or touching each other in a bid to crackdown on “inappropriate or unsafe behaviour" in its shared car service Uber Pool.