1. Logan the legend

    Drive or not ?

    Let’s be honest this is the hard time that we all going through. I mean even if it’s part time job somewhere somewhat it will affect What will be the best time in this situation (Coronavirus) to drive ? what routes and time will be fruitful? hope you all are well and grinding hard.
  2. C

    No More Boost in Baltimore?

    I got an email Saturday saying there is no more boost in Baltimore, instead they are going to do some sort of added quest layered on top of everything for rides in Baltimore. "Starting this week, you’ll see changes to your promotions. You may be able to earn extra on each trip that begins in...
  3. ratethis

    BWI A warning about pick ups.

    Just received this warning from uber. No warnings from lyft yet.
  4. ratethis

    BWI, A Warning for pick up.

    Just a heads up... I received this today from uber, haven’t heard from lyft yet.
  5. Birdogg

    How can I drive in Baltimore

    I'm from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. I want to get out of town for a day or 2 and maybe drive in Baltimore. But I heard that I can't. Is there a permit I can buy or something?
  6. Kawiz03

    Laughable Bmore Quest

    Wandered over to our stepbrothers area up in bmore and found this gem they are being offered And ya'll thought our quest sucked they don't have pool to at least get the harlotting over and done with fast.
  7. Mazinga33

    It's not worth it!

    How come I'm getting $3.6 for a two mile trip, while Uber gets $3.10. We pay for gas, and our cars get depreciated. We drive on the horrible roads of Baltimore and pay for maintenance, and get a little over %50!! And in the meantime, there is no single promotion in Baltimore. This is nothing but...
  8. Kawiz03

    Yet again BWI lot

    Sooo it seems BWI is getting sick of the cesspool which is the Northern DMV Cricket training facility as they posted these on all the portapotty's saying stop calling us call Uber/Lyft...just inching closer and closer to getting rid of the lot and the nasty turds who make a mess of the place
  9. atreat

    Lyft - "Free" state inspection

    Can anybody help me, I'm near Columbia, apparently I need a state inspection... Lyft does free ones but where? TIA
  10. Kawiz03

    Queue Lot Overnight

    Who the hell are they waiting for if the last flight was at 1ish??
  11. Kawiz03

    Bwi sharma stand

    Wow they really freaking did it its offically a freaking sharma stand at the bwi lot its become the wild wild mideast up there since airport cops never troll around....not a bad business model got give it up to Rohit living the American Dream

    Maryland/DC area Drivers???

    Good morning Uber family, just looking to confirm who drives in my area. I'm relatively new, just trying to get the best out of everything Uber and it's experience has to offer.

    Hey there fellow Uber siblings lol.

    I’m relatively new to Uber as I’ve been driving for about a month now. I typically drive in the downtown Baltimore, fells point/canton, towson area. Occasionally I’ve ventured into DC/Laurel/Forte Meade area. So far I’m loving it as I love driving and getting to know new people so it’s a WIN/WIN...
  14. zselonika

    Unpaid Speed Camera Tickets

    So I've only been here a year and I don't plan on staying here much longer. Probably moving back home to Florida in the next year but since I've driven for Uber I've gotten two camera speeding tickets which I didn't get until I went home about a month ago. The tickets were already past due...
  15. U

    Safety Inspection

    I have also posted this on Baltimore Page. Hi Everyone. After taking a year and half off, I have decided to give it another try. Now that I am trying to sign back in, Uber wants me to have a safety inspection. I checked few Pep Boys and they are booked until end of August. I have decided to sign...
  16. U

    Safety Inspection

    Hi Everyone. After taking a year and half off, I have decided to give it another try. Now that I am trying to sign back in, Uber wants me to have a safety inspection. I checked few Pep Boys and they are booked until end of August. I have decided to sign up for Lyft also. I found that there are...
  17. J


    Has any drivers in Maryland TNO application rejected by the Public Safety Commission because of failure to provide employment authorization card? I'm wondering if I'm the only one..
  18. warrior lady

    Advice about Driving in Baltimore Late Night/ Early AM

    I don't normally drive in Baltimore,i'm from VA and don't know much about MD. But sometimes I end up in Gaithersburg very late night, BWI early am, and am tempted by 3x surge pings in Baltimore. But I KNOW NOTHING about Baltimore and which areas are OK for a female driver late night, very early...
  19. xl HeiZ lx

    BWI Queue hasn't been showing up for the last two days.. has this been happening to anyone else?

    Good morning Baltimore Uber drivers, So this is my first post, but i have a lot more I would like to post about as far as questions and things I've wanted to talk about with other uber drivers. But my meaning for my post this morning is in regards to BWI pickups. Uber support has proven to be...
  20. P

    Does Annapolis have an Amazon Flex Warehouse?

    I'm currently a flex delivery driver and I learned that I will soon be moving to Maryland. I know Baltimore has Amazon Flex service but I'm wondering If Annapolis has one too that way I can do more blocks.