1. waldowainthrop

    Bad jokes

    “Bad” in the sense of people will not laugh, believe you are not funny, or think less of you for telling them, not “bad” as in dirty. Do your worst, and try to be original or creative. Here’s mine: Why would you want a philosopher to help you move? They’re good at unpacking.
  2. Beepbeep41

    UberEATS Restaurants To Avoid

    Please list restaurants to avoid. Let’s help one another to avoid these costly jokes of poor customer service - 1. Fitzenburger, Petrie Terrace (1 cook on during lunch rush. Waits until you arrive to start).
  3. Ubermakesmewet

    Lyft suxx

    Lyft worst then Uber. Going back to Uber and closing Lyft. just wanted to get that off my chest! Lyft Surge is the worst. Trips are too far to pick-up (dead miles, gas money, time..) Too much down-time. Pays way less. should I go on? why is anyone talking about this company? eveyone (includes...
  4. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Riders with bad breath??

    Has anyone come across any pax that has terrible halitosis (bad breath)? Where as soon as they open their mouth, it smells like sewage and the odor is strong enough to kill a skunk. How do you deal with that situation? I'm thinking of getting a box of disposable surgical masks and handing...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber prankster apologises for costly dead body hoax One of the pranksters behind an Uber murder hoax that sparked a $30,000 police investigation in Brisbane earlier this week has apologised for his actions, saying he "didn't plan for it to...
  6. mikewithebike

    Avoid Eugenia...

    Avoid this 4.51 sow at all cost. She lives in the big apartment building in Red Bank...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber Eats Will Eat You Into Bankruptcy
  8. UberPotomac

    Complaints about drivers.

    Yesterday I got 3 diferent pax complaining about other driver got lost and then I got tip at the end of the ride on 2 cases. Seems like many of us, don’t bother to learn basic city directions. Sad!!!!
  9. UberPotomac

    Not playing nice!!!!!

  10. JD Canada

    Bad day in mississauga

    1st Nov seems to the worst day in my uber history... How is everyone else doing ?
  11. Frank Underwood

    Avoid the Hood (Part 2, Yellow is smart)

    To prove a point, I did rides exclusively in the Bronx and Harlem today. For this experiment, I washed my car, vacuumed it, cleaned it out with lemon scented windex, everything perfect order. I deliberately picked up people from the projects and the hood. Guess what folks, my rating has dropped...
  12. Frank Underwood

    Lyft is run by Sociopath

    Lyft is a very incompetent and morally bankrupt company. They offer these stupid incentives that are near impossible to reach. I think lyft games their algorithm to prevent payouts. It's pretty amazing how this incompetent company has deceived the world. They are a poor imitation of uber with...
  13. Drivenowgobacktofishing

    Ratings System Flaw: Rides are too perfect, the good people aren't rating.

    I am a well seasoned Uber driver and the percentage of passengers that actually rate me is only 38% out 2634 rides. So I think that if they arrive to their destination still alive and nothing unexpected happened that should be 5 stars by default because the 4 Stars I'm getting and the occasional...
  14. BurgerTiime

    Passenger threatens driver with "heroin syringe" LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock police officers were called to the area of 50th and Avenue U on Friday, July 21 after reports of an Uber customer pulling a syringe on the driver and told her to keep driving. It happened just...
  15. CStarzzSelect

    Creepy Night Before New Years

    So I was still new to Uber at this time, I was like 3 weeks old, lol. Picked up a guy from Cape Coral, FL, verified the name, guy says "nick" (in a deep rugged voice). Please keep in mind it was like 11:00 at night, he was wearing a hoodie that covered his face, and he did not say a word through...
  16. S

    Uber Eats bag is unsuitable

    Just collected my stuff to do Uber Eats the other day and the bag is just about bigger than half a metre wide and very narrow. The shoulder straps are so small and I could definitely see coffee cups and Maccas drinks spilling over inside. Even pizzas would have to go in vertically so all the...
  17. S

  18. Frank Underwood

    An interesting take on Uber moving forward
  19. BurgerTiime

    Uber's plan to curb bad behavior by passengers: Reveal their ratings Uber's plan to curb bad behavior by passengers: Reveal their ratings LA TIMES by Tracey Lien April 26, 2017 In its latest effort to appease its vast network of drivers, ride-hailing giant Uber on Wednesday...
  20. BurgerTiime

    Uber: The good, the bad, and the really, really ugly Uber is on fire. It has a $68 billion market cap and countless happy riders who can readily articulate why using Uber is better than taking a cab or driving their own car, or maybe even owning their own car. And the...