bad rider stories



    Let's expose the 🤡's and discuss what a driver can do to protect themselves in these situations besides giving a pax 1️⃣⭐ Rideshare companies don't have any programs for the victims nor do they stand with the victims of these situations. In the event the driver had no evidence of what...
  2. T

    Breaking News: Pick up upgrade

    Now uber came up with "pick up upgrade" claiming to save you time. What it does: Basically if you're on the way to pick up a rider and there's another ping closer. You're automatically matched with the closer ping. What will happen: you were driving to pick up John which was 2.5 mi away but...
  3. erkaxderka

    Do not pick her up

    So I began driving about 5 months ago. It's just something I do part time, but for the most part I haven'thad any major issues. Last week, however, I had to give a rider a 1 star for the first time. I have never given a rider anything other than 5 stars. A night early in the week, I was giving...
  4. Dominc Scott

    Pax in possession of drugs?

    Ok, so this is my first post. I'm very new to this forum thing and new as an Uber driver. But I hit a bit of an issue with one of the riders I had. A few things you should know first: I live in North California but I work/drive in Los Angeles which is about two hours a day, Wednesday thru Sunday...
  5. DC_Ride_Share_Driver_too

    Finally Finished with UberX

    I began doing Uber in October of 2014. I've been able to keep a high rating of 4.9 (4.87 in the drivers app) Today is my final day..... I enjoy providing this service, but the money has just gone down hill and very fast. 1. No surge rates on the drivers map, I have to use the passenger app to...
  6. SharedRideTruther

    Uber Orderer NOT One of Peeps Being Picked Up (Games & Drunks)

    So I get pinged from 14 minutes away, and see its a heavy college-kid area. Damn. I don't cancel (since I'm more cautious with Uber's new 'you're not really an independent contractor, and we will deactivate you for cancelling trips once you assess the rider, destination, and potential payout'...