bad passenger

  1. U

    To Pick up or to not pick up? That is the question..

    So I had an interesting experience today. I got a ping by someone who was rated a 4.1. I was debating if I should pick it up or let is pass. I typically don't care what your star rating is if I think you're headed to the airport. I pull up to the hotel, and low and behold this lady with the...
  2. kensteriraq

    Rude, drunk, uberpool $4, one star

    Picked up Ricardo at 2am, middle of nowhere ten minutes away. I drive directly to him (no u-turns) and halfway there get called asking how long I’ll take. I point out it says five minutes on my app and he hangs up. I get there and he’s predictably late. I checked his passenger rating and...
  3. AudiMan

    If one more pax gets in my car and asks for the AUX cord I will scream!

    What is it with these entitled pax? Almost every night one will ask for the AUX cord to which I reply that I don't have one. To which they nearly always reply with some shitty comment. They are never going to tip me not are they ever traveling more then 10 minutes away. Usually it's 18-22 year...
  4. Ride-Share-Risk-Manager

    Securing Passenger data from Uber and Lyft to bring criminal and civil charges

    I was recently attacked in my car by four young black females. I picked them up at William Patterson University in NNJ and they said that they were going to an event down in East Orange NJ. They were well dressed and were picked up at a university location at 6.30 p.m. so, no warning signs...
  5. Kawiz03

    Not today Satan

    Got this "great" rider request while sitting at Verizon in a 200% zone na bruh you got me messed up
  6. M

    Bad passenger in Irvine, do not pick her up, EVER!

    Passenger name: Kate Address: 25 Pintado St, Los Olivos apartments, Irvine, CA. Passenger told me she was running behind for flight then submitted a lengthy and bogus complaint and bad review complaining about me speeding after I rushed her to the airport. She also filmed me on her phone for...
  7. Juliesage47

    One bad apple.......

    2 pax (couple)on a Saturday night, both were drunk. I greeted them politely, He was very rude, belligerent and verbally abusive from the get go, slammed my car door super hard and said "just (expletive deleted) go idiot" soon as he got in, so I told them both to get out of my car and cancel the...
  8. galileo5

    If a passenger says she likes Lyft b/c she can tip through the app, give her one star.

    Here are the reasons: She’s loyal to Uber, but it’s surging, She wants you to think she’s going to tip you so you will give her five stars, but if you check Ride History after dropping her off, you’ll see no tip, and She doesn’t tip Uber drivers either.
  9. Khush

    Bad UBER passengers who give Drivers bad Star ratings

    I have a typical example yesterday where I got a 1 Star..(My life long rating is 4.83. Since Uber started UberPOOL in Miami its nothing but a pain I can quote several examples of issues with UberPool. This call last night for Pool request, we are supposed to wait 2 exact minutes for rider to...
  10. afrojoe824

    Uber Pax from Hell

    I've seen so many threads here about riders and their pax from hell. I should've known better in this situation. Picked up pax from some Hotel in Beverly Hills. I'm thinking "great this will be an airport run." She then tells me to stop by Saks 5th Avenue. Makes me wait 25 friggin minutes for...
  11. RachelD

    After 83 rides I rated a passenger less than 5 and I'm now less than 5

    So, I've basically been giving every passenger a 5 because so far they've all been fairly reasonable. However, I had one passenger tonight during a 4.5 surge who kept saying "I'm walking out right now" for well over 5 minutes. It was the 3rd time I'd had this passenger today, so I felt like she...