background checks

  1. F

    Background Check Bollocks

    I'm new to posting but I've been on the boards as a guest for a while, hello Uber people =)... So on February 28th I got an email saying that my background check needed to be redone etc, so as we sit here on April 9th I got my background check back on Friday the 6th, seems like I'd be good to...

    Driving Dope Dealers

    I had an interesting trip the other night. Picked up a rider from a residence and transported to a location near a park at about 2300 hrs. The guy got out where two other guys were and walked up to them. I drove on down a little ways and turned around. As I was driving past them, one of the...
  3. Toonces-the-cat

    A nightmare called Checkr

    Today, I got an e-mail notifying me that Checkr was in the process of running my background check. My heart dropped. Not because I have done anything to warrant concern. My heart sank because of the stress caused by Checkr last year when my account was suspended based on information found by...
  4. J

    Travis hiring ex-cons now

    Travis now wants to hire ex-cons cause he says people deserve a second chance. the real reason why he wants to hire them is to increase the amount of drivers, since there is a high turnover rate. he doesn't really care about second chances. this is why he is against states doing their own...
  5. N

    Driver and Public Manipulation...Fallout Coming

    The real deal on background checks: The City of Houston, TX has mandatory background checks and fingerprinting for all TNC drivers. Uber and Lyft lost the battle in Austin, TX. Houston has held its ground. However, all cities should enforce all rules and do spot checks. I believe Uber wants...
  6. chi1cabby

    Uber agrees to settlement of up to $25 million in background checks, misleading-advertising suit
  7. Beur

    Letter To The California PUC Re: Decison 12-12-011

    To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Agenda ID 14615 TO PARTIES OF RECORD IN RULEMAKING 12-12-011, I am writing you today as an Uber Driver and as a citizen concerned for the safety of the California TNC riding public. I have been an Uber Driver for just over 3-years and in this time I...
  8. SafeT

    UberFelon: Career Criminal Uber Driver Pulls Gun on Orlando Passenger

    March 10, 2016 2:03 pm An Uber driver in Orlando was accused of pulling a gun on a passenger, according to police reports and complaints filed with Uber by the Uber passenger two days ago. Equally alarming is the fact that the Uber driver also has a lengthy arrest record, including serving 30...
  9. überuntil

    What the Michigan shooting spree reveals about Uber’s background checks

    This article discusses many of the questions being raised about the comprehensiveness of Uber's background checks. The Switch What the Michigan shooting spree reveals about Uber’s background checks...
  10. afrojoe824

    Riding Dirty: How Uber Takes Drivers and Passengers for a Ride | Nailed It!

    This youtube post has 400k views so far. So girl pretty much explains all of Uber's dirty business for the general public to know @ 6:45 "In April, Uber rolled out a $1 'safe ride fee' and so after years of running a business, Uber has decided to pass on the cost of running a business on to...
  11. chi1cabby

    Austin taxis strike back against Uber, Lyft with poll showing support for Fingerprint BG Checks Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. have been on the PR offensive about a suite of new rules under consideration by Austin City Council as they work toupdate Austin's temporary...
  12. chi1cabby

    (Warning: Do Not Sign Up) #UberCOMMUTE | Uber starting carpool pilot program in Chicago area Uber is seeking drivers who want to share their trip. People looking for a carpool ride can go to the Uber app and pick uberPOOL, choose the "commuter" option, then enter their start and end points. Pricing is still being worked...
  13. chi1cabby

    Maryland | The road ahead for Uber safety Maryland's General Assembly passed new legislation regulating background checks for Uber drivers last year. Starting in April of 2016, Uber drivers will be required to submit fingerprints. However, Uber can ask for a waiver...
  14. chi1cabby

    Background checks holding up Uber, Lyft deals with Sky Harbor
  15. chi1cabby

    California Bill AB 1289 requires deeper background checks of Uber, Lyft drivers
  16. chi1cabby

    Austin reopens debate over rules for Uber, Lyft

    Uber says proposed Austin regulation too restrictive