1. B

    Deactivated for Not Stopping @ Starbucks

    So my first ride of the morning around 630am and it's a 9 minute scheduled pickup. I get there and she's out in a minute, very appreciative that I was around and for driving her to work. 5 seconds in.... "Can you stop at Starbucks on the way there?" After explaining that we don't really get...
  2. ED Wallace

    New Mothers without proper car seats

    Hey guys - I am new to Uber and already received 5 ride requests in Toronto from young mothers with babies. The kids were all under 4 and some had a booster, a basic baby carrier without its base, and some had no child seats at all. Offcourse Uber didn't provide me any info so I am hoping you...
  3. CRV guy

    baby no car seat

    So I arrived at this low rent apt building in the west end and after 4 mins a young couple come out with the teenage girl holding a baby in her arms. She goes to the back passenger side door. The guy who looks all of 20 goes over to the driver side back door. They stand there for a couple of...
  4. MikesUber

    Rear-facing child car seats: It's the new law in Pennsylvania

    Credit: Published 1:53 PM EDT Aug 09, 2016 HARRISBURG, Pa. —Pennsylvania motorists will have to make sure car seats face backward for all children until they're 2 years old under a new state law that goes into...