awful customers

  1. SMH Uber

    Karma is the Sweetest Revenge

    Anyone have any great stories on awful,mean, rude riders and karma bites them back; like they forgot something in your car and you conveniently don't find it tossed in a sewer. :D:cool: Yea, me either...
  2. shellienetz

    Boca people - worse than average?

    Has anyone noticed that Uber pax in Boca are generally more demanding (ie backseat driving, asking for stops, no tips) than those in Delray or WPB? It really stings when I pick someone up from a multi-million dollar mansion and they can't scrounge up a $2 tip. Context: I drove for two months...
  3. Smellb4rain

    Uber boulder employee terrible customer

    Just picked up a guy from what allegedly is the office they are putting in for Uber Boulder in Louisville. Says he works for uber and is setting up the office but 1. Makes me wait 15 minutes to even come down from the office only reason I even stayed was surge pricing and the 15 minute drive...