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  1. D

    Forfeit Block/Block available?

    Hey guys, Maybe this question was asked and answered already but didn't see it. If I forfeit a block, will the block be available right away? Like if I release a block at 1am per se, will it be available to be picked up by another driver if he checks his app?
  2. Anthony Welchman

    uber driver's be available at 5-6 a.m in Providence

    Hi , im starting a job tomorrow 4.27.16 and my only way to get there is uber , I'm going from Providence to N.kingstown next to quonset at 530am-600am, I'm so scared that there will not be any drivers!! , Are there any ?? Has Anyone been through this before please help. I really need this job bad
  3. Raroberts

    Get "navigation Unavailable"

    I have an iPhone 6 with ios 9.1 When I use google maps to navigate to pax pin, and I arrive and go back to partner app I get a box saying navigation is unavailable. At that point I can't do anything with the partner app. The pax name has disappeared and I can't start the ride. How do I get...