1. Rj312

    AUX cord

    Four out of my nine riders tonight asked me for an AUX cord. The longest trip ETA of the four was 14 minutes. The shortest was 6 minutes. Six minutes. And I made it to the destination in 4 minutes. God forbid you go without your crappy music for 6 freaking minutes. I need a NOAUX vanity plate...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Aux is DEAD. Thankfully.

    I haven't had an Aux cord request in almost 2 months. Just luck on my part, or have Toronto Pax finally learned that fishing out an AUX for a 3 minute drive is just dumb? Pax surely cannot have learned, so maybe this aspect of rideshare has just slowly ran its course. Anyone else getting...
  3. Frank Underwood

    No Aux Cable!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we must take back control of our cars. I'm all for being polite but what's with these customers who are going somewhere 15 mins away asking for Aux cables? I personally don't like most of the current music being produced but I leave it on 103.5/z100. Hot 97 is by far the...
  4. Stimpy

    Navigation on blue tooth and Pandora through AUX cord.

    I'm in the market for a new phone, something I really want to be able to do with a new phone is have both Pandora and the navigation program running at the same time. I'd like the audio from the navigation to go to a blue tooth and the music for passengers to go to the aux cord to the car...
  5. MaxJoy

    AUX / Charge Cable for PAX // YES or NO?

    What's up with this general sentiment of not providing AUX / Charge / USB Cable on this forum? My car comes with two USB out of center console box and I always have one for myself and the other for pax. I have no problem letting anyone use it as long as they have an iPhone! - I don't do...
  6. UberMeansSuper

    Dost Thou Aux Cord?

    I have an aux cord. Neat six-foot one I got for $8 at Ross or TJMaxx, don't really recall. It's locked up in my center console and have only pulled it out on about 20% of times I've been asked for one. I gauge the pax's attitude and distance of the trip. If you are only going less than 5...