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aux cord

  1. Yam Digger

    The Stuff Uber Wants Us To Give To Our Pax

    Well lo-and-behold, this little missive landed in my inbox from The Mothership. https://www.uber.com/en-CA/blog/top-car-items-riders-love/?state=pfQqUHSHbV8CJ1Ya_vz5zDDt1eTF33ic_fp_hpUIJMU=&_csid=WrSLnsXeIwE7zBiYW2zzxA#_ Let’s break down this nonsense item-by-item: Phone Charger Yeah, I got a...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Aux is DEAD. Thankfully.

    I haven't had an Aux cord request in almost 2 months. Just luck on my part, or have Toronto Pax finally learned that fishing out an AUX for a 3 minute drive is just dumb? Pax surely cannot have learned, so maybe this aspect of rideshare has just slowly ran its course. Anyone else getting...
  3. AudiMan

    If one more pax gets in my car and asks for the AUX cord I will scream!

    What is it with these entitled pax? Almost every night one will ask for the AUX cord to which I reply that I don't have one. To which they nearly always reply with some shitty comment. They are never going to tip me not are they ever traveling more then 10 minutes away. Usually it's 18-22 year...
  4. Uber Drew

    Do a lot of Toronto and GTA passengers ask for AUX cord?

    Just starting driving. Doing ok. I have an aux jack. Do you find a lot of passengers ask to use it? How do you feel when passengers ask for the AUX cord? Do you tell them no? Do you notice any tips or better ratings when you do?
  5. UberMeansSuper

    Uber dumped Spotify for Pandora

    I did the Spotify + Aux cable once I got an iPhone. Then some rich privilege kid got on and was playing awful music so I never did this again (and, plus, it uses my data, not his). Today I noticed a prominent music note logo over the map before you can Go Online. I found the below splash...
  6. UberMeansSuper

    Dost Thou Aux Cord?

    I have an aux cord. Neat six-foot one I got for $8 at Ross or TJMaxx, don't really recall. It's locked up in my center console and have only pulled it out on about 20% of times I've been asked for one. I gauge the pax's attitude and distance of the trip. If you are only going less than 5...