autonomous vehicles

  1. N

    Testing Deep Learning models with no access to autonomous vehicle

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a good open-source software that can be used for research purposes, mainly for testing Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning models for self-driving cars? Regards, NoOne
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Driverless bus in Petrie Plaza First two paragraphs: Ainslie Primary School kids were the first to try out a driverless shuttle bus in Canberra yesterday, as the city got an early look...
  3. LoveTheBlues

    As goes goes his dream of a driverless Uber

    Or at least Google / Lyft may quietly develop the technology first. "Alphabet says Travis Kalanick knew one of Uber’s acquisitions had taken Alphabet files"
  4. Driveroptimization

    Unloaded miles driven by a driver on any given day

    Do you think Uber, Lyft and the others do a good job in reducing the amount of unloaded miles driven by each driver in a work day?
  5. Maven

    Autonomous in Canada

    Autonomous Cars and Trucks have their own sub-forum <> and are a major concern of American Drivers. My question is if Autonomous cars are implemented in America then how long before they reach Toronto and the rest of the Canada? (Not talking about...
  6. Maven

    Autonomous in UK

    Autonomous Cars and Trucks have their own sub-forum <> and are a major concern of American Drivers. My question is if Autonomous cars are implemented in America then how long before they reach London and the rest of the UK? A significant percentage of...
  7. Maven

    Defensive Measures

    You probably experienced two or more PAX arguing, perhaps even to the point of violence. That's even more likely between 2 UberPool strangers. An autonomous car should be legally responsible for preventing bodily injury to PAX, even assaults from another PAX. The autonomous car cannot claim...
  8. Maven

    How Much Will Autonomous Vehicles Cost?

    Very early models of autonomous cars may cost six figures. However, like most technology, the price will drop rapidly. It's estimated that the additional cost for autonomous technology will add between $7,000 and $10,000...
  9. Maven

    Dirty Little Secrets

    Uber has NEVER made a profit, not since day one. Uber will NEVER make a profit with the current business model. Riders pay only 75% of the cost. This is from Bloomberg News and some very smart financial people, not me. Yet, very wealthy people keep pouring capital into Uber. Despite all of the...
  10. MikesUber

    A Look Inside the Uber Advanced Technologies Group Center

    Inside The R&D Lab Where Uber Is Building "The City Of The Future" The Advanced Technologies Group Center in Pittsburgh, where Uber is building autonomous cars, is a gleaming white vision of the future. Source...
  11. Hugo

    "Fully autonomous vehicles won't arrive for a long time" An excerpt: " . . . The obstacles to perfecting and mass producing fully automated vehicles that can safely transport a passenger door-to-door with no human intervention are...
  12. Fireguy50

    Ford autonomous trucks (self driving)

  13. Fireguy50

    Ford understands longer wait for fully autonomous vehicles Ford also reiterated its commitment to developing an autonomous vehicle by 2021. The company believes that autonomous vehicles could account for up to 20% of vehicle sales by 2030. "We see huge...
  14. UberNorthDfw

    NTSB: Fully Autonomous Cars Are Unlikely

    So Much for Uber's self driving dreams:
  15. MikesUber

    Uber to pick up Pittsburgh riders in self-driving cars

    Source: UPDATED 11:03 AM EDT Aug 18, 2016 SAN FRANCISCO —Uber passengers in Pittsburgh will be able to summon rides in self-driving cars with the touch of a smartphone button in the next several weeks...
  16. DriverX

    The first death resulting from a crash involving a self-driving car!!

    And so it begins. Clearly Tesla's QA dept. isn't up to the challenge of insuring the safety of driverless vehicles. Why would it not occur to someone at...
  17. U

    Driverless cars will be out sooner than you think

    Looks like Lyft and GM are pushing for them to be out next year. While I think that estimate is a bit optimistic considering all the legal (and legislative) hurdles they'll have to jump over, I could totally see these cars out in full force in about 2-3 years. This is now officially a race to...
  18. MikesUber

    Uber Officially Building Autonomous Test Track in Hazelwood (PA)
  19. MikesUber

    Uber Officially Expanding into Hazelwood (Almono Site)
  20. Michael - Cleveland

    The big question about driverless cars... [WashPo 2/18/16] The big question about driverless cars no one seems able to answer Washington Post 2/18/16 Will carmakers be to blame for driverless...