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autonmous uber

  1. UberSolo

    Mercedes Self-Driving Taxis in 3 Years

    Mercedes Promises Self-Driving Taxis in Just Three Years THE ALREADY CROWDED race to put fully self-driving cars on the road just got a bit more congested. Daimler, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company, plans to launch a customer-serving, driver-free taxi service in as little as three years, it...
  2. Mike Flynn


    AUTHOR: ALEX DAVIES.ALEX DAVIES TRANSPORTATION DATE OF PUBLICATION: 03.25.17 TIME OF PUBLICATION: 3:10 PM UBER’S SELF-DRIVING CRASH PROVES WE NEED SELF-DRIVING CARS A self-driving Uber car was involved in a high-speed crash in Tempe, Arizona yesterday. No one was seriously injured, and the...
  3. Maven

    Defensive Measures

    You probably experienced two or more PAX arguing, perhaps even to the point of violence. That's even more likely between 2 UberPool strangers. An autonomous car should be legally responsible for preventing bodily injury to PAX, even assaults from another PAX. The autonomous car cannot claim...
  4. Maven

    Autonomous in Austrailia

    Autonomous Cars and Trucks have their own sub-forum <https://uberpeople.net/forums/Autonomous/> and are a major concern of American Drivers. My question is if Autonomous cars are implemented in America then how long before they reach Austrailia and Uber's other markets around the world? A...
  5. MikesUber

    A Look Inside the Uber Advanced Technologies Group Center

    Inside The R&D Lab Where Uber Is Building "The City Of The Future" The Advanced Technologies Group Center in Pittsburgh, where Uber is building autonomous cars, is a gleaming white vision of the future. Source...
  6. MikesUber

    Talked to Driver of Autonomous Uber Last Night

    So I'm sitting near the bars last night right before 2:00AM when the familiar silhouette of a white Ford Focus pulls up next to me. He's waiting for his passenger, I see the gear, the sensors, the spinning LIDAR system. We're both waiting so I look at him, flash my phone displaying the driver...