1. bachi_sana

    Toyota Auto parts

    Hi guys, i am looking for web site selling Toyotas patent auto parts, decent quality. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  2. SurgeMasterMN

    Auto Show Week - Has anyone worked this week previous years?

    Was curious has anyone worked the autoshow week the previous years? Did u see a bump in rides? I would think the day or two before it is done Mpls to airport will be bumping..
  3. Fireguy50

    Uber auto-cancel after 5 minutes?`

    Anyone else notice if Uber is auto canceling requests after 5 minutes? Giving you the no show fee, and pushing the next ride? I was running a 2.5-4.5X surge most of Saturday night. I had a request outside TacoHell and was getting close to doing my final text before leaving, when the app started...
  4. onunez177

    How to tell riders not to slam the car door

    I have rider and most of them slam the car door.. how I tell the rider not to slam the door in a good manner. ..
  5. UberAnt39

    Uber forcing Pool to use Uber Navigation

    So they made the 2 changes yesterday, auto adding matching pools and forcing Pool to use UberNav. I like the first, esp as it came with the rollout of the 'Stop accepting trips' button (FINALLY), so I can now go pee etc. I also like it because if you're doing pools the way to train riders to not...
  6. Soco

    Best automobile for Uber?

    I'm in the market for a newer automobile. Seriously considering a 2012-14 Cadillac Escalade with leather interior. This would qualify for X, XL, Black, and Select. Are there other automobiles worth considering? I did a search of the forums and did not find a previous inquiry along these lines. I...