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    THE 37-PAGE LETTER THAT COULD MAKE UBER'S PROBLEMS SO MUCH WORSE LAST FRIDAY, THE Northern District Court of California finally posted a long-awaited document, a letter written by the lawyer of an ex-Uber security employee. It was a doozy, a 37-page compendium of alleged criminal and unsavory activity...
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    Uber is now facing at least five criminal probes by U.S. authorities Previously it was known that Uber was facing three criminal probes in the U.S., Bloombergreports. The probes are exploring the company’s use of potentially illicit software and bribing...
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    The hammer's coming down! Portland investigates Uber Portland to Investigate Uber Scheme to Thwart Regulators Officials in Portland are calling for an investigation into Uber's use of software to identify and reject hails...
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    Who's been fined? Please share your story.

    If you've been fined for driving uber, please share your experience so we can all learn from it or learn how to avoid it. So where did it happen, how, how much, what did they look like? Were they nasty? How can we dodge them?