1. Jack Malarkey

    Hello from Big Gay John

    There’s also a Big gay john
  2. Beepbeep41

    Round Table Meetings

    Who are these drivers giving Uber all the info for free?? Drivers if no one give Uber info Uber got to got out and get info! They go out and get info via rides... Don’t be so cheap drivers! Info given that creates features such as “airport rematch” & “wait time” is making Uber millions. Your...
  3. WestSydGuy

    He said, she said... ‘After I jumped into a ride-share car, the driver said something that terrified me.’ "I wanted to find out if she was lying," he began telling me. CHELSEA MCLAUGHLIN September 14, 2018 --- Long story short, tips on how to deactivate a driver.
  4. Marco Solo

    Uber announces pax with ratings of 4.0 and below will be Australia But only after an initial warning and a follow-up. And then only for 6 months. Article says Aussie drivers' biggest peeve is...
  5. WestSydGuy

    podcast 6 Upfront Fares, Momentum, and the New Driver App Questions listed in order: Q How does upfront fares work when a stop at a fast food restaurant is added, pickup friends, drop off friends? A It doesn't work in all situations (such as extra stops or traffic). In X, driver will see fare at the end, Pool, driver...
  6. QLDUberDriver

    UberEats delivery about to get even more crowded with workers.

    If you thought the food delivery on Uber was crowded with drivers, rest assured Foodoras closure will now mean those bike riders will be now chasing more UberEats and Deliveroo. -------------------- Foodora to cease Australian operations FOODORA is getting out of the Australian food fight...
  7. WestSydGuy

    Bloody Oath

  8. S

    GST on Toll?

    Do we need to pay GST on Toll? As example: Customer paid AUD50 for OLA trip including $10 Toll. So do i need to pay GST on $50 or $40?
  9. BurgerTiime

    After a string of fatal accidents, Uber implements driver safety feature forcing breaks after 12hrs Expect this to go global as accidents are on the rise. New Uber feature forcing drivers off the road UBER has announced a policy that will force drivers to take breaks...
  10. Beepbeep41

    Uber Takes %2.5 Off Australian Drivers

    Uber has started taking more out of Australian Drivers pockets with Uber percentage going up from %25 to %27.5. Uber claims their is no change for drivers due to GST tax credits in Australia but this is untrue...
  11. Beepbeep41

    Can Order Taxi in Uber App Sydney

    I’ve had a few PAX tell me they have the option to order a Taxi within the Uber App in Sydney. Apparently it’s in the scroll section where you can order UberX, select or XL. Had a Pax tell me that’s why driver rates are better in Sydney because Uber is also taking %25 from Taxi bookings... If...
  12. Jack Malarkey

    Australian article about UberEATS and similar services

    This article by Callan Boys that has appeared in several Australian newspapers may be of interest:
  13. A


    Hi guys Just enquiring and I know it has probably been asked a lot just hard to find. How long have you been driving for Uber ? How much have you made for this current week ? How many hours involved in these earnings ? Approx how many km travelled ? I look forward to hearing back
  14. Beepbeep41

    Tipping Option Australia?

    So when’s the tipping option gonna show up in the rider app in Australia??
  15. QLDUberDriver

    New Uber Signage Arrived

    Just got the new signage today and images show how they look with info to display. Uber stickers required Use these removable stickers for perfect pickups Whenever you're 'online' and accepting Uber Trips, the local regulations require removable stickers to be displayed on the passenger side...
  16. N

    Flex Pay

    Anyone else with issues accessing Flex Pay? Was working for me up to yesterday either through the app or on the website but option has now disappeared. Uber support gave me their favourite catch phrase of "the team is aware of this issue" but was wondering if it is affecting everyone or just...
  17. Beepbeep41

    Risk Of Fines For Excessive Card Surcharges

  18. QLDUberDriver

    Uber wants to connect drivers with the worst and cheapest jobs

    Uber wants the Govt to subsidise rides for pax to and from trains stations. So here is how Im guessing it will work. The govt pays for part of the fare, Uber charges the Pax the usual fare, Uber driver gets paid the same, = Uber collect more money while looking like they are helping people get...
  19. QLDUberDriver

    UBER driving now makes toilet cleaning look glamorous - Well Done Uber!

    Everyone can expect to read more news as time passes about this type of behavior in Ubers. Trash riders and low quality drivers is what the collective will see Uber as. Rubbish riders to rapist drivers, you can thank Ubers desperate race to gain aggressive market share to devalue the service...

    Are the ATO just being bullies?

    Are the ATO just bullying in requiring Uber drivers to pay GST? They the ATO continually state the driver charges the rider from point A to B. Which is completely untrue! Uber provide the service...set the price, charge the price, collect the price and pay the driver a weekly wage. As a former...