1. UberBeamer

    ATX Driver Chat (March 2018)

    Continuing our trend from February, this thread shall be an open discussion about anything for the month of March. Feel free to join in! Spring is in the air and March 2018 promises many opportunities for rideshare drivers in Austin. March highlights include: Kite Fest (Zilker Park) 3/4 SXSW...
  2. Ziggy

    Driving Miss Daisy

    Driving in Texas? Read this sometime (soon) > Turning on your 4-way flashers doesn't make your rideshare vehicle exempt from Texas or local traffic laws. A couple of observations to help you survive ridesharing in Austin: Fire lanes &...
  3. Ziggy

    Ride Austin - 1099

    Just got the 1099 notice from RideAustin today and I was surprised to see that Charity Roundups are included in our Gross Earnings. Does anyone know if RA is actually claiming the charitable donation for all the drivers or do the drivers get to claim the roundup charitable donation? Because it...
  4. Ziggy

    Lyft Scheduled $3 Trip - RFLOL

    Someone picked this up ... SMH. But seriously, rideshare companies need to set a reasonable minimum for scheduled rides. Needless to say, I'll never pick up anything less than a $20 scheduled trip (and that's low - I prefer $50+).
  5. Ziggy

    Fasten Marketing (or lack thereof)

    I had 2 trips yesterday with a bunch of people from Boston - when I asked them why they didn't request a Fasten trip 5 of 6 people said that they didn't know what Fasten was. WTF?? Every day I see the city light up with "fake" Fasten boosts all over town (DT, Campus, Domain, Bee Cave). I used...
  6. Ziggy

    Uber NYE bust (Austin)

    highest surge I saw for Uber in Austin was 1.7; whereas I snagged several 6.7 Fastens instead. Hmmm let me see, grab a 1.7X Uber surge and then give Uber 28% ... or grab a 6.7X Fasten surge and then give Fasten 99¢. Needless to say, I took very few Fubers. But most of my Fasten trips were $50+...
  7. Ziggy

    NYE 2017 & Uber 1.9X Boosts

    I got an email about it going to be 1.9x NYE that's about $40 per hour Uber X It could surge higher I suppose... Is that enough to make you drive? Especially if it snows as predicted
  8. A

    Uber's 1.1x boost fare in Austin tonight? Why even bother having a promotion.

    What the hell happened to all those sweet ass promotiona for Driver's Uber was offering after it's return to Austin? The promotions are dog shit now, 1.1x fare is you srs?
  9. S

    Can we drive multiple cities in Texas?

    What with the new no tnc required regulations.
  10. PortiSalt

    Need driver In Austin.

    Need a driver in Austin to perform some rides. Send PM please. Thank you!
  11. makes_sense

    Uber and Lyft may return to Austin to take on the other tncs what will the drivers do ?
  12. Prius13

    Should Chicago go the way of Austin TX?

    Off topic maybe, but when I traveled to Austin for work, I was surprised how many rideshare companies there were out there. Kind of frustrating and confusing what app to download and who to order from since there were five or more rideshare companies to choose from. The fare was pretty expensive...
  13. dirtylee

    Bye Felicia! Ride Austin. It does not take a cut of driver's earnings with standard vehicles, instead keeping a $2 booking fee that it charges passengers. But drivers of SUVs and luxury vehicles --...
  14. Lang

    Lucky Trip to Houston on 1/29/17

    While driving for Lyft in the Kyle, San Marcos area on Sunday, 1/29/17 got a trip from Kyle to Houston around midnight. Trip total pay = $188. Nothing to brag about, but not too bad for a slow Sunday night. Longest trip yet as a TNC driver. Just saying - you never know where the next trip...
  15. S

    Can we learn a lesson from Austin's mistake?

    Don't let the folks from other apps or the PTC supporters (whomever that is) fool you, if it goes down here like it did in Austin it will not be good - for anyone...
  16. dailypay

    Get Ready Austin...!

    DailyPay will be welcoming the first rideshare platform that you see below...
  17. Ziggy

    InstaRyde - dillusions of grandeur

    While I haven't started driving for InstaRyde ... I did have a chance to look at their Driver Agreement; and one alarming observation ... apparently, InstaRyde takes a percentage of the tips. "In exchange for accepting and fully performing on a Request, you shall be paid 82.5% or 87.5% of the...
  18. Ziggy

    Austin Lux Drivers

    New company coming to Austin soon ... will offer Select / Lux / Lux SUV options. Signup here - Apparently, they are looking at expanding to Houston & Dallas after Austin gets rolling.
  19. Ziggy

    Uber rival (FARE) to move HQ to Austin

    > Uber rival (Fare) to move HQ to Austin A ride-hailing company that is ramping up operations in Central Texas in the wake of the departure of Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc. plans to move its...
  20. Driverx19

    Fasten Rideshare Out Of Boston Looks Promising

    Fasten, A rideshare out of Boston looks promising, They're onboarding in Austin after Uber and lyfts departure, Only taking $1 a ride fee, And they do fingerprint checks. I know they're model probably wouldn't work here with Chicago's greedy politicians but will be interesting to see how it...