1. Chinacatsunflower

    Hyre car?

    Anyone have any experience with HyreCar?
  2. Chinacatsunflower


    Anyone have any experience with HyreCar?
  3. Chinacatsunflower

    Hyre car?

    Hyre car experience?
  4. moskie

    SXSW Hotel potential during tech?

    Almost every major hotel is fully booked for sxsw. Forgetting the central/dt hotels. It can be lucrative to linger at the let’s say the Westin inside the domain or the renaissance in the Arboretum during tech week for sxsw.
  5. Ziggy

    Arcade City - BUSTED

    Frankly, I was wondering why It was taking Austin so long to go after Arcade City; but it seems that the long arm of the law caught up with some drivers- Drivers that take cash trips, street hails, and...
  6. Ziggy

    SURVIVAL TIPS for the Austin Airport TNC lots

    UPDATED SURVIVAL TIPS: (updated info in bold) SURVIVAL TIPS for the Austin Airport TNC lots (or how to prevent from getting a ticket): Only park in a marked, legal parking space If there are no parking spaces leave the lots and drive somewhere else in the city. When the lot is full, it's...
  7. Ziggy

    Austin Airport Drama & Enforcement

    Probably the worst place to be this year will be the airport ... starting 2 days ago, Airport Security started restricting the TNC lot and they only allowed cars onto the lot if there were available parking spaces ... additionally, they have a nifty app on their cell phones that matches car...
  8. Ziggy

    ACL 2018

    Everything you ever needed to know about driving at ACL ... but were afraid to ask. This is my 4th ACL driving pax ... though there are a few salty drivers who drove illegally in 2014 and made an obscene amount of money. Let's face it, we'll never make as much this year as we did in 2015...
  9. Ziggy

    ATX driver chat (Sept 2018)

    *August was such a craptastic month, that I'm starting September early. Well, the UT students are back ... but instead of fewer drivers, last night there were 109+ drivers in the airport queue - craptastic! Conventions: 9-10 > Fair Hair Show (12k) 12-13 > American Bar Asso. (2k) 15-16 >...
  10. Ziggy

    TGFRA (Thank God for RideAustin)

    Thank God for RideAustin! If you're not already promoting RA to all your U/L pax you need to start now! Uber multiplier surge is dead - drivers only get a "commission" ($ add-on) based on the multiplier (x) that Uber charged pax. Lyft primetime will be dead soon - as soon as "Personal Power...
  11. Ziggy

    Not So Long (Long Trip [BUG])

    Maybe it's an Austin (TX) only bug but during the past week 90% of the Uber "60+" & "45+" trips have been much shorter. Personally, I had the issue 5 times in the past week ... and yesterday's "60+" trip turned out to only be 17 minutes long. It's happened to me both at the airport & COTA ...
  12. Michael-AusTX

    This boost a glitch, joke, tease or insult?

    Seen the higher rates in separate areas of the city & even outside the city itself, but this high end boost is in the middle of the ocean!
  13. Ziggy

    Operation - "Pax Funnel"

    We, in Austin, have one rideshare advantage that almost no other city has ... we have an alternative to Uber & Lyft ... with RideAustin. Now that both Uber & Lyft are "cooking the books" and starting their own versions of paying the driver based on a different fare total than they are...
  14. Ziggy

    ATX Driver Chat (June 2018)

    Waiting on hold ... may as well start this thread. Conventions: 1-3 > DreamHack (2K) 6-8 > Digital banking (2K) 10 > Cap City A&M Coach's Club (1K) 10-15 > SPIE (2k) 12 > Edu Law for Principals (2K) 13-15 > TASSP (3K) 17-20 > Nat'l Charter Schools (4K) 21-23 > Presence (4K) 24-27 > NASFAA (2K)...
  15. tomatopaste

    With Uber out of the picture Waymo & Lyft could double fares for drivers without raising pax fares

    Video 16:15 to 16:40 Notice in the video Krafcik, the Waymo CEO, says nothing about Uber. And Waymo also invested a billion dollars in Lyft. Why? Because Waymo needs Lyft to handle excess demand in the beginning. Lyft could double fares for the driver but keep fares the same for the pax...
  16. BurgerTiime

    Maven Gig, GM’s car-sharing service for Uber and Lyft drivers, comes to Austin General Motors is bringing its car-sharing service Maven to the city of Austin, but just for freelance drivers for rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, and on-demand delivery apps like Postmates, GrubHub...
  17. UberBeamer

    ATX Driver Chat (March 2018)

    Continuing our trend from February, this thread shall be an open discussion about anything for the month of March. Feel free to join in! Spring is in the air and March 2018 promises many opportunities for rideshare drivers in Austin. March highlights include: Kite Fest (Zilker Park) 3/4 SXSW...
  18. Ziggy

    Driving Miss Daisy

    Driving in Texas? Read this sometime (soon) > Turning on your 4-way flashers doesn't make your rideshare vehicle exempt from Texas or local traffic laws. A couple of observations to help you survive ridesharing in Austin: Fire lanes &...
  19. Ziggy

    Ride Austin - 1099

    Just got the 1099 notice from RideAustin today and I was surprised to see that Charity Roundups are included in our Gross Earnings. Does anyone know if RA is actually claiming the charitable donation for all the drivers or do the drivers get to claim the roundup charitable donation? Because it...
  20. Ziggy

    Lyft Scheduled $3 Trip - RFLOL

    Someone picked this up ... SMH. But seriously, rideshare companies need to set a reasonable minimum for scheduled rides. Needless to say, I'll never pick up anything less than a $20 scheduled trip (and that's low - I prefer $50+).