1. h-ales

    Paxy 101,

    Hello Experienced survivors, I have realized I need more education and classes of understanding paxys’ language, although I’ve been driving for almost two years. So here is an example, while I’m arriving to a pool destination then two minutes start counting down, I usually receive a call from...
  2. Mista T

    Projecting your energy

    How's your attitude? Keep it friendly, helps with tips. Doesn't matter how much U/L piss you off, try to be friendly with everyone.
  3. The Angels

    Woman had an attitude the whole ride yet tipped me?

    On Sunday, I drove a woman to LAX airport from the Hollywood Hills... about a 45-minute drive. When I arrived to the house, I waited a few minutes. Then all of a sudden I just see her appear behind my car, just staring, stone-faced. I was confused at first, but later realized she probably...
  4. LA Husky

    What would you guys do?

    Had my first surged Select ping (1.7) in the Manhattan Beach area last weekend at around 5pm. Accepted ping 7 min away and started driving to pax location when pax sends text "uber said u were 3 min away and now you're 7 MIN AWAY???" Yes the last words were in caps with three question marks. Was...
  5. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Thank You Everyone. Cancelled Airport Pickup. Disaster Averted..

    I had an awesome day today. Full of awesome PAX, I know all gave me 5 stars, and it's thanks in part to the advice from all my friends here... Then came the ride to the Airport. Rule #1 - Always double check destination Had ride to Airport, chatted up passenger, found out he was going to...
  6. Zardoz

    Anyone here told a pax off?? (w/ or w/o repercussions)

    Just curious to hear if any of you have ever told a pax off when they were being difficult or unreasonable ? (preferably BEFORE a ride began , so you didn't have to accept them and risk them rating you after ... ) . needless to say , we ARE in the business of customer service here , and doing...
  7. anteetr

    She got em

    So I had a good morning. I had a long ride to EWR at 2X and immediately got a ride right back where I came from. Being in the good mood I was in, I decided to do some charity rides on my way home to PA. The first two short hops went well. Then I get into Trenton. I was gonna camp at the train...
  8. UberxGTA

    Drivers can change rider psychology, attitude,behavior ie: regarding tips....other

    As drivers, we have the strongest relationship with the riders, NOT UBER. They sit in your car and are hostage, so to speak, to what and how you to talk them. The drivers have the biggest influence on them. Imagine if all the drivers talked to all their riders in a way that changed their minds...
  9. FultonRealist

    Attitude Fee

    Has anyone experience a pickup in Midtown/Buckhead to the airport? A) The customer was not ready B) Customer had an attitude C) Customer was touching things they should not touch like your radio or heat controls. Did these rude things and did NOT tip (although they didn't have to but some do...