1. HiDuuken

    Do they think we are ATMS's???

    Had a couple of pax's request that I give them cash in exchange for a tip on the app (this may have been discussed already). The second suggested I stop at CVS to get cash back so that we could make the transaction happen! He was like: "So you aren't going to make the stop at CVS right there?"...
  2. ZenUber

    Difficult Pax turns into great ride.

    Get a ride request, and the pax calls. I decline the call, as I always do. Then he sends me a text. He asks me to back into the driveway because he is on crutches. At first I pull into the wrong driveway. I waited, and nobody came out. I checked the mail box again, and it looks like the numbers...
  3. A

    OMG Im so confused about the Uber debit card and GO bank!!! please help

    Ok, I just activated my uber card (I have not made trips yet) and set up my go bank. so, lets say I do one trip ok? and I earn some money. Will THAT money I just earned be deposited into my GO bank account, which allows me to use THAT money I earned from my uber debit card? And I can always...
  4. Andrew Held

    Anybody else suddenly having issues w/ Instant Pay and the Green Dot Prepaid card?

    Hey there all. I've been using my gold colored Prepaid Green Dot ATM card to cash out my Uber earnings and for months it's been perfectly reliable, but unfortunately it's no longer working correctly. Beginning last weekend, any deposit I make to the card from Uber's Instant Pay now ends up in...
  5. U

    Go Bank ATM Fee? I thought it was Free

    I went to one of the ATM's listed on their page (7-11) and withdrew some money but was still hit with the $2.50 service charge. So are the ATM withdrawal free or not? This was a Citibank atm inside the 7-11 in which was clearly listed as free.