atlantic city

  1. One Star Lawrence

    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Let's talk Atlantic City. Any of you uber people have any experience there? I've been doing this two weeks part time and I am pretty surprised. Did very well my first Saturday night. Drove 4 hours made about $200. That's close to $50 and hour. Unreal money considering the fact you aren't...
  2. Jalebkackson

    OCMD/Rehoboth or AC tonight?

    My brother lives between OCMD and Rehoboth (20 min from Rehoboth) I'm trying to decide if it's worth going out to the shore tonight and work into Monday. But I'm not sure if I can accept rides out in MD or DE as a Philly registered driver, currently the surge in rehoboth looks highest (i have...
  3. Ces-Aviator

    Making money tomorrow

    To all of you guys who don't know tomorrow and Friday is NJ teachers conference in Atlantic City , I'm taking 7 teachers at 6am from Paramus. Conference starts at 9 am and it will conclude on friday at 4pm. I have my passengers round trip. Hopefully I can make some extra money during the day in...
  4. Papaplus

    Hi! New Driver Here New Jersey, I Live in Belcoville, NJ, about twenty minutes outside Atlantic City

    I drive a Nissan Versa. I am about twenty minutes outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Hoping to find drivers From AC, so we can add a City. What are everyones plans this weekend during the Papal Mass in Philly?