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  1. TheJudge

    Fake Lyft and Uber Profiles .... How do you handle?

    Just curious - How do you handle Pax when there is no Pax Picture, Pax doesn't look like or match passenger name on profile, Pax doesn't enter destination address. No phone call saying you will be picking up blah blah blah?
  2. The Great Houdini

    Uber Hopes a '90s Toy Will Distract Drunk Riders From Beating Up Drivers

    Uber is putting Bop It toys in the back seat of its drivers' cars in Charlotte, North Carolina, as part of an experiment to see if they distract drunken passengers. "An intoxicated rider who is engaged in something interesting is less likely to be irritable and aiming aggression at the driver,"...
  3. JoelQ

    If you guys hate Uber so much, why are you still here?

    In nearly every post in this forum, the same few guys are leaving the same comments over and over. "Uber sucks." "You won't make a dime!" "It's awful!" "You should quit Uber!" If that's your opinion, fine. But then... why are you still here? Why are hanging out in this forum, everyday, talking...
  4. Ronnie McDonnie

    BEST DAY COMPETITION something positive

    Uber is a love hate relationship. U love em some days hate em the next. I see alot of numbers being tossed around so who's down for a lil comp? Im Talking LOW HRS/HIGH PAY. Or maybe u got a 100$ ride POST IT! WHO'S DOWN....
  5. StarMckenzi UBER

    How do you know if you are Uber X or not?

    Im a newbie...... Been using this site for tips before I hit the road. Hopefully today. I mean hopefully this isnt a stupid question. I have a Nissan Altima 2015 that can easily seat 4. Im just not sure how they have listed. Am I considered UberX?
  6. RightTurnClyde

    Vehicle Open Container Law (Georgia)

    Ive been reading postings on this site regarding open container laws (most postings never seem to quote actual laws "as written") and it got me wondering about Georgia's specific laws. From the Governers Office of Highway Safety Open Container Law The law defines "open alcoholic beverage...
  7. chi1cabby

    Atlanta UberPool passenger beaten unconscious & mugged by the Driver.

    https://m.facebook.com/tccorey?tsid=0.2376544198486954&source=typeahead https://twitter.com/taycorey/status/681139337631674368
  8. Ronnie McDonnie

    NEW ANDROID APP (Apple app outdated)

  9. YummyX

    Drivers can no longer see the Surges!

    So every since yesterday after the upgrade. My driver app no longer shows where it's surging. It does light up yellow, orange or red. But if I'm in another app while I still have the Uber app on, like this morning (At the top on the blue bar) it says Uber surging 1.5-3.6x but I could not figure...
  10. Ronnie McDonnie


    Mon-Fri 5pm to 530pm All apps off for 30min. CREATE THE SURGE! $$$$
  11. Socialdisorder

    App Issues Update Current as of 12/8

    Morning, Has anyone had any App issues lately, really since they rolled out the new "Pool" update? Issues are..... App freezing- App crashing, even after accepting a pickup. Car not moving in application, meaning GPS lockup. It wasn't this bad 2 weeks ago. Now I have to reboot the darn app...
  12. N

    Uber Pool is a RIPOFF!

    Wow, what a ripoff. If people request the pool, and don't get pooled they pay a lower rate. If they do get pooled, you still get slower rate and load up your car.
  13. D

    Uber is over saturated....

    Uber seems to be putting more drivers out there and the drivers are ok with it.... I feel sorry for the people who left a day job for this lol.....
  14. YummyX

    Uber does NOT surge anymore!

    As 'm sure you all know Uber has not surged since last Wednesday. Everyone seems to think it's because there are a lot of drivers on the road but I beg to differ. I was in the middle of the city when it was bright orange and got a ping from 10 minutes away. Then I looked at the Uber rider app...
  15. Jayla456

    Help Atl

    I need a list of black slots companies in Atlanta to work under..thanks
  16. A

    Changes over the last six months?

    Hi Guys! So, I have been reading UP for the longest time, but have not driven in about 6 months (give or take a few weeks). How much has it changed? Example: My first weekend driving (Friday night through Sunday night, save a few hours during the day and evening hours), I completed 37...
  17. ogdhaboo

    Uber Passengers Survey

  18. chi1cabby

    "X/Y Trips Completed" Bar On Driver App

    This was posted on FB. Do any Atlanta Drivers know what this is about?